This Is Tron-Inspired Fashion, Believe It Or Not

How does a video game movie inspire high end fashion? The new Tron Legacy collection from Opening Ceremony shows us, in the form of lightcycle-inspired cargo pants, handbags modelled after identity discs and laser cut dresses.

Opening Ceremony's Tron-inspired line, a collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, features neoprene sock boots, bodice tanks and wool pants for the ladies, motorcycle jackets and button downs for the guys. The collection is much brighter, more vibrant than the dark world of Tron Legacy, with intense blues, oranges and yellows dominating.

And nothing here is cheap. Prices range from $US230 for a women's bodice tank top to $US575 for a men's moto jacket or women's circle bag.

Tron Legacy (Women) & Tron Legacy (Men) [Opening Ceremony]


    These are ugly as crap, and most of them look like what you could get for 5$ anywhere else.

    This store is so ridiculously overpriced it's amazing.

    Also, where exactly is there brown in Tron?

    Even the motor jacket, which could have been awesome, is horrible.

    ... There's nothing 'Tron-like' about this at all. When I think 'Tron', I either think the ridiculous spandex Tron Guy, or the cooler, sleeker Legacy suits.

    Uh do these people even pay attention to what franchise they're horribly insulting?

    These clothes have nothing to do with Tron for one. Even just as clothes they're pretty terrible (Some of them are much worse than "pretty terrible" though). And of course astronomically overpriced somehow.

    Honestly I'm all for trying to push fashion forward. But this is just bad.

    How is it that a cosplayer, someone who is making the clothes as a HOBBY, can get it absolutely awesome and spot on ( while fashion designers being PAID to design clothes come up with the worst, most heinous crap possible?

    As I said for the other official Tron merch "where's the glow?!" Yep it may look cheesy sometimes but if there is one aesthetic that's ABSOLUTELY CENTRAL to the Tron franchise it's glowy stuff. How can these people fail so epically? How can anyone think this is a good idea?! The mind boggles :/

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