This Man Waited Two Days For His Kinect

Peter Gonzales, last seen waiting outside of the Times Square Toys 'R' Us on Tuesday, celebrates being the first customer to purchase Kinect last night and the chance to finally take a shower.

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    That man is a moron.

      I second this
      This guy waited 2 days for an overpriced novelty peripheral :/

    Ah... to feel like a manchild again.

    ....but the swag guys! THE SWAG!

      Swag was a nice touch.

      Would I hang out in the middle of times square with a bunch of mates for a couple of days to be the first in the world to purchase this device, and to receive $160 of free stuff for a $150 purchase... and to get my picture on Kotaku... Yep!

    Do kotaku mean he is the first customer in the United States to purchase Kinect?
    The first customer in New York State?
    The first customer in New York City?
    The First customer in Manhattan?
    The first customer in Times Square?
    or the first customer in that particular Toys R Us to purchase Kinect?

    regardless the man has wasted 48 hours.

      To me it just says he waited two days...

    Well at least he's happy.

    Nicely color-coordinated, Mr Freaky Man-Boy

    I am happy for him.
    He will play with it for about an hour, then put it aside and go back to using a controller.
    Money well spent.

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