This Man Would Prefer It If You'd Stop Hating On Pokemon

If you're currently hating on Pokemon Black and White, this man would ask you to reconsider your position. Not only is the newest entry off the goddamn chain, he argues, but Pokemon is straight up "gangsta".

In this fiery, extremely NSFW video, "Black man loves Pokemon", its creator believes Pokemon's gangsta qualities are proven by these three questions:

  • "Can the Bloods shoot you with a motherfucking water gun attack? No." (OK, maybe they could.)
  • "Can the Bloods shoot fire out their goddamn mouth like Charizard? No."
  • "Can Bloods or Crips evolve? No."

Furthermore, does Ash not enjoy the company of women? Would you pay to watch Pikachu have sex with Gyarados? And why are you still hating? One thing's for sure, this ain't no joke. Nor is it a game. This is serious business.


    "Why you hatin'?" You're talking to a camera, cameras cannot hate.

    If the Bloods and Crips cant evolve/shoot fire/water..... doesnt that make this game "not" gangster?

    "I wanna see Pickachu **** the shit out of a Garydos"

    Spot the dude that doesn't get out where the real gangsters live........he'd be bitch-slapped in a nano-second.

    This is staged. I'm guessing he's an aspiring comedian who thought of a good meme idea.

    Watch how hee keeps reading notes off his monitor...

      He's looking at himself. Not reading notes.

    He be trollin

    He is just plain rude.

    I find it funny how he say's "F*** the Crips and the Bloods.. Blastoise vs Charizard" Well, Blastiose happens to be Blue, and Charizard happens to be Red.. Coinsidence?

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