This Model Kicks Daigo's Butt

Kayo Satou made a name for herself as a fashion model. But then, she revealed she was born a man. Kayo is also one of Japan's top Street Fighter players. Watch out, she'll school you proper.

In an online webcast, Satou plays a Super Street Fighter IV ranked match against "gameinn", the gamertag fighting game champ Daigo Umehara uses. Umehara rocketed to internet stardom with this clip. The model is her customary Street Fighter character "C.Viper", and Diago is his customary "Ryu". The fighting is fierce and close. It's a good match.

Popular as ever, Satou continues to work as a fashion model and appear on Japanese variety programs.

Umehara vs. Kayopolice [YouTube via スピードネーター][Pic]


    And to think when we met you were worried that you came from Iran.

      You think Japan would have noticed when all she wanted to do was eat pizza and watch darts.

      IT Crowd. Brilliant.

      Watched that episode yesterday.

    (S)he's sorta like a real-life Final Fantasy character. Nominally male, but so appealing to the male gaze it doesn't really matter.

    Its creepy

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