This Shooter's Warfare Isn't Modern

Hexen was one of the finest - and most underrated - shooters to come out during the 1990s. And it's a franchise that hasn't been seen since. Oh, until now!

Last week, a fan-made Hexen mod for PC shooter Doom III was released, called Hexen: Edge of Chaos. It's looking very slick, and just like the original, should provide a nice break from first-person shooter games that use firearms, since Hexen is a fantasy game that uses magic instead.

The build you can download at the link below is incomplete, with the development team promising more stuff to come in hte months ahead.

The original, released in 1995, was developed by Raven, who have made some OK games like 2009's Singularity, and some amazing games like 2002's Jedi Outcast.

[Hexen: Edge of Chaos]


    Im currently playing Hexen II with my brother through online co-op, lots of fun.

    Counting the first Heretic game, and the other 2 Hexen games as 1 series (which they are really), for me it is in my top 3 game series of all time. Why companies like ID, Raven or Monolith don't run with their classic games anymore is beyond me. Blood is without doubt the hardest, funniest and all around best FPS ever made and yet it has never seen even a hint of another game after the not so awesome Blood 2. Hell it's never even had GL port like all the other build engine games have. They all support new textures, models and stuff but the best one of them all has been lost to time, apparantly due to a lost source code.

    Back to Hexen though, I'd love to know why another game has never been worked on by ID or Raven. Another Hexen and Blood game and i'll be a happy chappy.

    Oh and make another Incredible Machine too while your at it please.

      They did make Heretic 2. It was a 3rd person action game, pretty good but not great. If I recall it kind of flopped so the series was put on hiatus. I'd love to see a true Hexen sequel though. Blood was one of my all time favourites, Blood 2 kind of lost it though. I guess in this industry one bad game can be enough to put a series to sleep.

    Wow. This just looks amazing. And to be honest, although it may be too early to draw any real conclusions, it looks a lot closer to the original Hexen than Doom 3 was to the original Doom.

    Still, the Doom 3 engine is amazing even today, isn't it?

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