This Uncharted Movie Rumour Cannot Possibly Be True

Goodfellas Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro reuniting for the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie, with Mark Wahlberg potentially on board as well? A story about antiquities dealers in New York? That's just crazy talk. Isn't it?

Could the dynamic duo from GoodFellas, Casino, Once Upon a Time in America, A Bronx Tale and Raging Bull be getting back together for the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie? Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 says the movie's director David O. Russell is looking to bring the pair back together again in the video game adaptation, along with Mark Wahlberg, who recently co-starred alongside Christian Bale in O'Russell's "The Fighter".

In case O'Russell is curious, Mark Wahlberg is not the Drake we're looking for.

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that De Niro and Pesci have undeniable chemistry, but who would they play? De Niro would be an amazing Sully, but where would Pesci fit in? Perhaps he'll be an antiquities dealer, as Friedman writes:

Russell didn't fork over any plot points at last night's premiere of "The Fighter." But sources say the story will have something to do with antiquities dealers in New York.

I don't remember that part from the video game. Then again, the video game was pretty light on material. Wait, what?

Right now, the script is being composed from scratch. Word is the actual video game didn't have much there aside from a concept and a name.

Can someone else please be outraged over that statement for me? I'm not sure I can handle it.

Of course this is only a rumour, and they tend to fly fast and loose in the movie business. Hopefully the plot of the Uncharted movie won't suffer from a director's need to shoehorn big-name talent into roles they don't fit in.

DeNiro, Pesci Reunion for Movie Made from Video Game [Showbiz 411]


    At this point I don't think anyone is surprised to see a game's adaption getting ruined.

    If what he's saying is true, the movie adaption is already ruined.
    Can he just stop now and save the studio some money? >_>

    To be absolutely honest. There is no larger story to Uncharted other than what's presented in the stand-alone stories of Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves -- and to do those stories again would be a waste of time.

    I think when you ask Naughty Dog what Uncharted is about, they'll tell you it's essentially Indiana Jones and National Treasure put together, a globe-trotting adventure that features loveable characters.

    So in essence the Uncharted movie doesn't really have to be exactly like the games, because the games are already movies themselves, and having live-action adaptations of those stories would never do those games justice. As long as Nathan Drake, Sully, Elena and Chloe and whoever else is well cast and played, then Uncharted will have it's own life on the silver screen.

    If they have to make it into a movie, then Bruce Campbell as Sully please!

    "Word is the actual video game didn’t have much there aside from a concept and a name."

    ... if you know absolutely NOTHING about the franchise, why even comment on it? This man needs a good slappin and 25 to life.

    I think Hugh Jackman would make the perfect Drake... just sayin'

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      Here, here! He even looks more like the guy. Don't get me wrong, I love Wahlberg as much as the next guy, but it almost seems like this role was written for Fillion.

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