This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesThis week Call of Duty: Black Ops comes marauding into the release schedule like a digital Biff Tannen, swinging fists at anything and everything in the periphery as all other games on the market scuttle for cover, lest they be crushed by the sheer commercial power of the Call of Duty franchise.

Only a handful of contenders remain: and it’s hardly surprising that none of them are first person shooters.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (360/PS3/PC/Wii/DS) What is it? A masterful set of crocheting mini-games… what the hell do you think it is! It’s Call of Duty! Should you care? Even if you don’t care, you should still care. This is the biggest game release this year in terms of sheer commercial weight. We also think it looks rather spiffing.

Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Your standard RPG, late in the day, smorgasbord of standard game plus DLC combo. Should you care? Might be a good chance to get in late to the Dragon Age party?

Fist Of The North Star (360/PS3) What is it? A Dynasty Warriors style spin-off based on the legendary anime. Should you care? Strictly for Dynasty Warriors tragics, if there are any of you left.

Move: The Fight (PS3) What is it? Motion controlled fist ’em up featuring Danny Green. Should you care? Pretty laboured, but fun if you’re looking for something new on Move.

Sonic Colours (Wii/DS) What is it? Dare we invest ourselves in the Sonic cycle once more? Should you care? Actually this may be one of the best Sonic games in recent years – honestly!

The Sims 3 (Wii) What is it? Console version of the world domineering Sims franchise. Should you care? No.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 (Wii/PC) What is it? Sequel to decent flight sim shoehorned into the Clancy universe. Should you care? Ubisoft has been keeping quiet about this one, which is a bad sign.


  • And the end of the week, we should all tally how many subtle (or not so subtle) Back to the Future references there have been. It should be a new community segment.

      • Same here. I got the swanky box set from Best collectors edition ever. OUtta curiosity, are you sure the DA:O Ultimate Edition is getting released on PS3? I was sure the PAL players were getting shafted again like we did wit the Awakening expansion.

        • Awakening was released here for PS3, but only on the PS Store (no physical copy). So this version will surely come here on the PS3, I just think that either Awakening will be either.

          1) On the disc, but it will have to install
          2) A code for Awakening to download from the store.

          Either way, it will be another few GBs of storage gone from the HDD.

          • I never said that Awakening didn’t get released. And the reason I asked is that no one has a PS3 version of the Ultimate Collection listed as coming out.

            I think that, like the awakening expansion disc, this is a US exclusive on PS3. I could be wrong.

        • DA:O Ultimate is indeed being released for the PS3, I have no idea how they’re including Awakening but I’ve seen PS3 copies on store websites and such. Thursday is the release date, apparently.

    • That little reference made my day. Now I’m pissed I haven’t picked the trilogy on BR up yet. Although, a little birdy says that I should just wait til Christmas..

  • I’m not trolling when I say I couldn’t care less about the COD franchise these days. MW2 killed it for me. Epic Single Player, worst MP I’ve ever played…

    Sonic colours is shaping up beautifully though 😀

    • Ditto – i Serrelously couldn’t give a toss about COD – i’m sick of hearing about it – hell JayJays even has COD Black Ops Tee Shirts already – and they are all ugly as sin!

        • haha you have to love those pathetic Boycotters..

          was anyone bocotting this one, though?

          I’ve just never been a COD fan, though. I did enjoy COD4, but not enough to go ape shit banana’s about everything else COD.

  • Hasn’t HAWX2 been out for a while now? Strangely the game I’m after this week is way more casual than any of those (and seemingly harder to get hold of) Monopoly Streets

      • Well it’s a funny old story… my shop of choice is GAME, if I am going to drop $200+ on a game then at least I am going to get points on the purchase which will become a voucher.

        So the game was announced and off I went to pre-order, all good. Then GAME had their special moment and a number of their stores started shutting down. Mine was included in this and they assured me that my pre-order would be sent to another store of my choosing.

        I had my receipt and everything, but I was cautious, so pre-ordered another copy at EB Games (I’ve done the same with GT5 Signature Edition)

        Anyway, that store only got confirmation over the weekend that my copy will be there come Tuesday, so it’s basically because I’ll have 2 of them awaiting me tomorrow.

        Figured I could see if anyone here was interested and missed out. I’ll probably look at eBay tonight but otherwise I know I can just cancel it.

  • Mark, love your work… going to ask this today, seeing as though I will forgot on Wednesday!

    Perhaps the Ask Me Stuff format can be changed a little, post earlier in the week and you can shoot off the emails to publishers and they have more time to get back to you.

    All the ‘results’ are then updated into the post and bumped on Friday?

    Onto the question… can you chase up about the local releases of

    Prince Of Persia Collection
    The Sly Cooper Collections

    Last time I remembered, the PoP Collection was potentially going to Europe only (Currently dated as 19 November)

    As for Sly, the US is the only territory to get a confirmed date, PAL Land is all just rumours at the moment.

    Neither titles are in the EB Games / GAME database, so really wanting to know if and when we are getting them.

  • I have a pre-order at GAME but they wont price match me to the Big W price, now I will lose $10 off my deposit if I cancel the pre-order which negates the difference in price.

    Game always price match, but they are not price matching for Black Ops… I’d advise anyone who can not to get it from GAME!!!


    • ok… are you saying that if you cancel your pre-order, they aren’t going to give you your $10 back? Or they are giving all of it back, less $10?

      That is not right, they have to give you your money back in full.

      Re : Price matching, provided that Big W have the product instore and in general in the same complex then there should be no reason why they are saying no.

      If this is for the midnight launch, then they will only be doing that because Big W will likely be closed, so there is no store open to price match against.

      Obviously it should be for the same version (standard), though recently EB have been using pre-order deals against the consumer, eg: per-order to get extra DLC or something, but because another store doesn’t offer that pre-order then it’s not the ‘same product’ thus they won’t price match.

      But back to the point, they shouldn’t be keeping any of your money.

      • I won’t know until tonight whether they will give my money back… I’m going to go along because I’ll likely just pay the $10 extra.

        From what I have been able to discern, GAME have stopped their ‘Price Guarantee’ as per their terms and conditions which reserves the right to not price match if the price they are matching is below cost. It is an order from head office.

        I reckon Game are struggling to keep themselves afloat at the moment, they’ve tied up a tidy sum of cash in Black Ops (since it’s the biggest launch of the year) and they just simply cannot afford to lose $5 (or whatever they’d be losing) on every single game sold so they’d rather lose sales by not price matching than lose that cash.

        It’s a dirty move against the consumer IMO.

  • Black Ops is only $45 on if you apply the promo code “bigsavings”
    Hurry up though because I think the bigsavings promo ends some time today or tomorrow.

  • Biggest release this year? Fuck I miss when gaming wasn’t completely retarded.

    Remember when people used to go buy shitty billabong shirts just because they had billabong on the front? Thats what Call of Duty is. ESPECIALLY treyarch Call of Duty.

    COD #234 from a bad developer and people just scoop that crap up.

    Ah, well not like the franchise isn’t gonna die next year, just like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero.

    Stop feeding Kotick’s ego.

  • “Should you care? Strictly for Dynasty Warriors tragics, if there are any of you left.”

    They’re already dead? 😛

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