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Yes. It's the week that you've all been waiting for (and by 'all' I mean 'some'). Gran Turismo 5 will finally be released this week.

But unlike a couple of weeks back, when everyone seemed to run for cover at the launch of Black Ops, it seems like the rest of the games industry, just like us, almost can't believe that the game is actually coming out.

So there are a handful of other games being released this week, Epic Mickey, NBA Jam for the HD consoles, the new Raving Rabbids and the update of Splatterhouse. Check it out folks, and let us know what you'll be picking up this week in the comments below.

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (Wii/360/PC) What is it? YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH! Should you care? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Epic Mickey (Wii) What is it? Warren Spector's reinvention of Disney's most famous character, in videogame form. Should you care? Early signs are awesome - could be top notch...

Dr Who: Evacuation Earth (DS) What is it? A Dr Who game. Should you care? A Dr Who game.

Dr Who: Return to Earth (Wii) What is it? First they tell me to evacuate, then they tell me to come back! Why can't they make up their minds! Should you care? You may be a fan of Dr Who. You may find some pleasure in this.

Drawn to Life Collection (DS) What is it? A collection of the fairly decent Drawn to Life games. Should you care? A good introduction to a decent series.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) What is it? The Holy Grail Should you care? You chose... wisely. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (PS3/360) What is it? A puzzley action/adventure game. Should you care? This flew under the radar, but by all accounts it's not too bad.

Megamind (DS/PS3/360) What is it? A game based on another rubbish looking Dreamworks CG animated movie. Should you care? No.

Michael Jackson: The Experience (DS/Wii/PSP) What is it? Hee Hee! Should you care? HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

NBA Jam (PS3/360) What is it? Awesome update of the old school arcade game. Should you care? Yes.

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (Wii) What is it? Another entry into the Rabbids franchise. Should you care? Kinda.

Splatterhouse (360/PS3) What is it? Franchise reboot for the grisly slasher. Should you care? Looks alright.

Sports Island Freedom (360) What is it? A Kinect sports game. Should you care? If you have Kinect, you may want to check it out.

Tron: Evolution (Wii/360/PS3/PC/DS/PSP) What is it? A tie in for Tron: Legacy Should you care? Hardly game of the year material.

Worms Battle Island (Wii) What is it? A new version of Worms. Should you care? Does anyone need another copy of Worms? Yes? Alrighty then...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force (PSP) What is it? Another Yu-Gi-Oh game. Should you care? I honestly don't know...


    Looking to get NBA Jam this week. Majin looks pretty darn interesting... or just pretty. Or both? Any heads up on Jam for ps3 or 360? I'm too lazy to check. Suppose for a game like that they're basically the same...

    Holy crap i had no idea so many decent games were out this week! lol

    Whats the RRP for NBA jam meant to be?

    Also, Mark, thank you once again for cementing my love for you with the awesome CSI part :P


    Hello GT.

    I'm getting GT5 this week, got the signature edition pre-ordered. Even if its not much better than GT4 it still will be worth the time. LONG LIVE GRAN TURISMO!

    Easy decision this week - GT5. The hard time will be fitting both it and NFS:HP into my gaming schedule over the coming weeks.

    NBA Jam is definitely a contender, but not at full price. Will wait for it to hit the $50 mark.

    I don't know why, but I kind of feel like Epic Mickey has sneaked up on me. It was still a "not to be released for some time" title in my mind.

    Waiting eagerly for reviews

    Vroom. Vroom vroom vroom. Vrooom! VROOM VROOM VROOOM!

    I'm assuming those Doctor Who games will be crap, but I kind of want the Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote >_>

    This theoretically could have been a really expensive week!

    Gran Turismo 5 is the must, will be picking up NFS:HP also, which I didn't get around to last week and NBA Jam... though what price will NBA Jam be?

    Also keen on (and will wait for price drops) Epic Mickey, Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom (though the Majin voice actor is terrible), TRON and even Splatterhouse.

    Did you watch Indiana Jones on the weekend Mark?

      Was it The Last Crusade?

        Haha, if so yes. If it contained the name LeBeouf, then no.

          It was The Last Crusade...
          Probably the best of the Indy films.


            Sean Connery is gold in that movie. I must have watched it (literally) about 30 times start to finish.

            "Shhhhe talkshh in her shhhleep..."

              I'm sorry... Imma let you finnish... but Hunt for Red October had one of the best Russian accents of all time!

    Will pick up Splatterhouse eventually, got too many games sitting around unplayed... damn cheap games luring me into buying them.

    Undecided on GT5, don't really want to have to buy a steering wheel for PS3 when I already have a 360 one...

      I bought Viva Pinata in some crappy green case because it was $2. It's now a greyish green case. Due to dust build up.

      You don't have to buy a steering wheel - you can just play it with the regular controller. That's what I'll be doing - I don't play enough driving games to justify a couple hundred bucks for a decent wheel. And in any case, I don't have the space for a full seat setup, and our coffee table is way too low to clip a wheel on there - it'd feel more like driving a truck or a bus than a Ferrari :P

      I have the official 360 wheel and an official wheel for the PS2 (which works in the PS3) and plenty of driving games, Dirt, Grid, PGR, Forza, NFS:HP.

      Problem is, I'm just too lazy to get them our and use them so end up playing with just the regular hand-control.

      I simply don't see it as a disadvantage if you don't have one. I'll be picking up GT5 and I will probably use the regular hand-control to play it. Granted I'll pull out the old PS2 wheel for the novelty of it but don't expect any extended use.

    Damn, I was hoping Forza 4 would be on the shelf first. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against 3 anyway

      Well, It's not out yet... it could still be recalled.

    Was chatting with a mate on the weekend, realised I should probably pick up a steering wheel for GT5. Any of you guys out there got some good suggestions? What about experiences with ones you own?

      I have a second hand Logitech G25 I got for $200 AU.

      Bought it for GT5 Prologue and for GT5 when it came out ( which is now this week! :D ).

      I highly recommend it.
      In my opinion it was even worth it for the GT 5 Prologue, which was essentially a glorified demo.
      Its the closest thing for home game consoles to driving a real car.

      I have tried other games like DIRT, GRID, WRC with it and they are have horribly slippery controls. Nothing in comparison to the combination of GT5 Prologue and G25.

      I cannot WAIT to get GT5 this week with it.

    If you are cashed up, go the Logitech G27 ($499 @ Dick Smith)

    If you are cashed up, but a tight ass. go the Logitech DFGT ($150 @ JB Hifi)

      Was just about to say pccasegear had them for $439, but they've sold out already :(

    I'm one of the people that doesn't understand the big deal about Epic Mickey. So I will probably skip it unless it gets really good reviews.

    GT5 all the way. I'm just getting the limited edition though and only because its such a big release. I will probably never really thumb through the book properly.

    Rabbids In Time sounds amusing but I will wait and see. I haven't even bothered to pick up Rabbids Go Home yet. I have been in a Wii mood lately though with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sonic Colours...

    PS: If you have a spare 10c on your Visa debit/ Credit Card, Age of Empires 3 Collection on Windows Live Games is that price. No, I'm not kidding. First time I've bought a game not on Steam, even though I will probably still open it with Steam hehe.

      Yeah I know the sentiment, to Mickey. I appreciate what the developers are getting at with recent games and whatnot, but I'm not convinced they've delivered something spectacular themselves. We'll see...

    I'd like to get GT5 this week, but after getting NFS HP last week, I don't think I can justify it to the partner.

      "It's not a game dear, its a Simulator"

      I almost got NFS HP, but then I realised it was like going on a date the week before I got married to someone else. :D

      Poor you :(

      If all else fails - if you bought it from EB Games (god knows why you would), return it and trade it in for GT5 (It's listed as $70 in Harvey Norman - so maybe you can try and price match it).

      Poor bastard. I pre-ordered my 320GB PS3 + GT5 bundle yesterday and I think my partner was more excited than I was!!

      Needless to say, I can't fucking wait. =D

    lucky enough to have played a bit of GT5 and it was disappointing to say the least. F1 2010 is a better simulator and rewards your ability to actually drive at high speeds and make the car bow to your awesome technicial skills. GT5 is like a clunky awkward teenager and I have no idea why it has taken them this long to release that game.

    mj is a stand out of this weeks releases, with NBA a close second. Ahhh the memories of the days spent dunking from halfway down the court (fly Reggie, fly). We should have more of these games and less releases that are trying to take themselves too seriously. Gaming is meant to be for entertainment!

      GT is an acquired taste. It doesn't appeal to arcade sensibilities.

      But to someone like me who actually builds and races (club) cars for real, this game is the beez kneez. I've only played Prologue and the Nissan GT Challenge demo, but I played them enough to know it's going to absolutely awesome!

      I'll be working towards that R35 GT-R and be trying to match it's current record on the Nurburgring. Then I'll get an Lancer Evo X (my current car) and try set the Nurburgring lap record... schaweeeet!

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