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You know, there's an argument to be made that this week is not for new releases - this week is for getting your arse to Steam and hitting up all those insane deals currently running on the Store.

That being said, there are a couple of big hitters being released this week - but for the most part it's slim pickings.

The big kahoona burger of the week is Donkey Kong Country Returns, closely followed by Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, closely followed by Karaoke Revolution Glee. Yeah - only kidding. Or am I...

Donkey Kong Country Returns What is it? Retro studios reboot a classic franchise with typical panache. Should you care? Yes. You really should.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn What is it? Classic RPG makes its debut on the Nintendo DS Should you care? Golden Sun has always been a humdinger of a series. So yes.

Pacman Party What is it? It's time to 'party down', Pacman style. Should you care? This is one party you don't want to crash.

Shane Watson's PowerPlay Cricket What is it? It's a cricket game. Should you care? The search for the great cricket game continues unabated.

The Sly Trilogy What is it? A Sony update of the PS2 Sly games. Should you care? Personally, I think this is awesome. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus next please!

House MD What is it? House struggles to diagnose, and almost kills his patient in a moment of reckless, irresponsible madness. Then, in a moment of inspiration finds the cure. Tune in next week for the exact same thing, all over again. Forever. Should you care? The best cure is prevention. Don't buy this game.

Karaoke Revolution Glee What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin. A karaoke game, with Glee songs. Should you care I'd rather bleach my own eyeballs, but hey, have a blast guys!


    So I take it DKCR was awesome Serrels? You damned... so-and-so!

      Haha, only just saw the big kahuna burger comparison. Sounds good enough to wash it down with some tasty beverage.

    Hi Mark, I might have missed someone mentioning this already but it seems like the Prince of Persio got a quiet disc release in Aus. Noticed this when I was grabbing my GT5 last week.

      Nah it's a fair shout. Ubisoft were so quiet about it. I didn't know it was out until there was a copy on my desk...

    I'm struggling to see any big hitters!
    Each to their own tho.
    I'll continue with last weeks and the previous weeks big hitters for the time being.

    Probably nothing for me, I have to be good...

    I will get Sly, Donkey Kong & 25th Anniversary Super Mario is available also this week somewhere down the track.

    DKCR and Mario 25th Anniversary for me this week.

    Then Cataclysm next week (/shame).

    Been thinking about the PoP remakes but have you heard anything about the splinter cell remakes I'm really hanging out for them.

    I can't wait for DKCR.

    DKC1 was the first ever game that I beat as a child. I still remember falling for the fake credits roll trick. K Rool got back up and pounded me while I was dancing in the kitchen (yeah, i was THAT excited).

      Apologies for the double post :-)

      I just realised that Mario All-stars and DKC1 were simultaneously my first ever SNES games, making this week quite nostalgic for me.

      \tear for the old days :-)

        Man up, Hind :P

        Also, **SPOILER ALERT** !!!

        I think I still need to finish DKC2 - oh well, I suppose it'll have to wait until after DKCR.

          Just had a flashback of trying to do one of the last levels, flying around all those damn bees holding onto the parrot... *shudder*

    I might have to pick up AC: Brotherhood... although I'm having a hard time justifying it when I haven't finished AC2 yet.

      Definitely finish AC2 first - Brotherhood is a direct continuation of Ezio's story, and hence kinda needs you to have finished AC2 to understand half the stuff that's happening.

    DKCR started out for me as something I couldn't care less about when it was first announced, but over the past 2 weeks I've been really hyped up for it! I'll be making sure to buy it. I think it was $55 at ozgameshop?

    I'll have to look into golden sun aswell.

      If you get it today from ozgameshop its a further $5 off! But today only... HURRY!

      By the way that place is my new best friend. So, so good. Considering getting Mickey for $40. I mean, cmon, 40!

    In response to Mark's oh-so-polite request: the remastered Ico and SotC set will be out in the first half of next year. Maybe you already knew that and were just wishing for it sooner, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

      I did know that, but I somehow forgot. Because I'm an idiot.

    Super Mario All Stars collection is also out this week. I can't remember the price, I would look it up but I'm lazy.

    I completely missed Sly on the PS2. I remember playing the demo for the first Sly game and it just didn't grab my attention.

    I get the impression, however that this was my loss. Does anyone want to convince me to part with my AUD60 this time round?

    Hey, I saw Tron in the shops... when did that come out and is it any good?

      it's getting mostly 70% or so... That is probably enough for me to give it ago, considering the subject matter.

      I don't think we were expecting it to be the greatest game in the first place...

      More TRON the better!

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