Thousands Of Years Of Time Travel, All In One Spot

Normal calendars show 12 months of the year, have some public holidays and pictures of either puppies, paintings or boobs. Booooring. We prefer ones that feature thousands of months, Chrono Trigger and Timesplitters.

Graphic designer Alex Griendling, whose Left 4 Dead "movie" poster we featured a few months back, has now made this, the 2011 Time Traveller's Calendar. Instead of tracking a single year, it covers thousands of years of time travel, pointing out for each month of 2011 when someone from a game, movie or TV show had been messing with the distant future (or past).

Some of the games featured include Timesplitters 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, Singularity, Half-Life 2, Red Alert and Chrono Trigger.

You can grab one for $US20 from the link below.

[The 2011 Time Traveler's Calendar]


    Prisoner of Azkaban was set in 1993? That sounds unlikely.

      What's unlikely about it? You never see anyone with smartphones or computers or anything. Hell the Wizarding world almost completely ignores technology.

      I'm guessing you just appropriated it by default to your timeline.

      tl;dr it's true

        According to wikipedia, Harry Potter was born in 1980, so the first book ought to be 1991

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