THQ Says You'll Find Out About Saint's Row Movie Soon Enough

An announcement is due in December, the publisher told Gamasutra. THQ is looking to time the film's release to the next game's launch, but that's not a hard commitment this far out.

Speaking to Gamasutra, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said the company views its licensing strategy as a means to "build our brand at no cost to us." That includes a SyFy Channel pilot based on Red Faction and a novel based on the upcoming Homefront game.

As to video games and licensing, THQ now feels the key to expanding its offerings will be in new franchises aimed at the core audience, which Farrell said comprises two-thirds of THQ's revenue. "With something like Homefront, think about where we can take something like that. Yeah, we made a lot of money on Disney's Cars, but they own that franchise," he said. "When you create your own brands, which you can do in the core space, that's when you can create a lot of value for your shareholders."

Interview: CEO Farrell On THQ's Path Through The Changing Game Landscape [Gamasutra]


    O...M...F...G... YES!

    I absolutely love the games, I know the movie will most likely be a massive flop, but for some reason I don't care! Bring it on!

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