Tim Schafer Ready To Make Psychonauts 2

Tim Schafer Ready To Make Psychonauts 2

According to an article in this month’s PSM3 Tim Schafer is ready to make Psychonauts 2. Well, you know what Tim, we’re ready to play it – so what’s the hold up?

Apparently all he needs is someone to fund the whole gosh-darned production. Anyone?

“It’s really a question of getting a publisher who’s interested in doing it,” claims Tim, as our hopes deflate.

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine development studio has undergone somethng of a change of direction recently, focusing more on digital distribution with a number of smaller titles, as opposed to putting all the eggs in one, giant AAA basket.

But we’d still like to hope that Tim may find it in his heart to give one of his memorable games a AAA sequel. Go on Tim, start sweet talking those publishers!

Psychonauts 2: Tim Schafer is ‘ready to do it’ [Joystiq]


  • Y’know what. I’d re-buy Psychonauts if they joined the HD bandwagon, and remade it for the PS3. Hopefully they’ll do a better job than the god awful buggy port to the PS2. It was such a disappointment. Brutal Legend worked pretty well for the PS3, I’m sure they can do the same for Psychonauts.

    The money they make from the HD remake, could fund development for the next version.

  • I wonder how a Minecraft/Achron/Telltale/etc. approach would work? – given that Schafer already has a legion of loyal fans, it might be interesting if he tried starting with a PC-focused version paid for by discounted pre-orders for which the final version could be ported to consoles.

    Maybe even some sort of incentive where you’d pay $30 pre-order and get a copy of the original as a bonus (or be able to purchase a heavily discounted version), and final retail release could go for $50, and after that move to a retail box and console ports to fill out the more traditional market.

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