Tony Hawk: Shred Sells Like Rancid Hotcakes

Tony Hawk: Shred Sells Like Rancid Hotcakes

Perhaps you’ve seen the stack of Tony Hawk: Shred skateboard bundles sitting at your local video game store. You might want to get used to them, because the game’s first week sales number are very, very low.

A word to publishers: Taking your franchise away from a developer two week’s before the release of the next game in the series doesn’t make for strong first week sales.

According to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz, the second plastic skateboard installment of the Tony Hawk franchise only managed to move 3000 copies during its first week of release.

That’s pretty abysmal, but it really isn’t much of a surprise. Considering the poor critical and retail reception Tony Hawk: Ride received, I’m surprised the Tony Hawk: Shred even exists. Giving the sequel a green light was a real gamble for publisher Activision, and it did not pay off. The end result is a game that’s not selling and development studio Robomodo having to lay off a large portion of its staff.

At least we now know that a lack of snowboarding wasn’t the reason the first game failed, right?

New Tony Hawk flops at retail [CVG]


    • Well done Blackwater – you get Knobhead Comment Of The Week! Tell him what he’s won Pete…

      Psst – the latest Call Of Duty installment just broke sales records! Again!

      • Sales figures don’t mean shit. Before we picked up the wafting stench of stagnation from Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, they were still selling millions of copies despite 0 innovation.

        And judging by Activision’s new mantra of:

        “Dear nerd developers,

        Kids still aren’t buying your games. Package it with more plastic shit and release maybe… one.. no, two! more add-ons before year’s end or pack up your shit.

        Love, Bobby Kotick”

        I don’t have high hopes of CoD continuing as an innovative franchise.

  • I wonder if Tnoy Hawk gives a shit as he revels in the bottomless well of hookers and blow he no doubt bought with all the money he made from his association with the frachise when it was popular.

  • Well Tony Hawk Ride was actually really fun. It was a lot more fun than any Wii balance board game. It was a very tiring though. I had sore knees after an hour.

    I picked it up for $50 a few weeks ago at Harvey Norman. I have Shred but have not played it yet. Shred has snowboarding as well as skateboarding so should be fun.

    They just overpriced it initially. If it was $50 from the start most people would give it a go.

    Tell you now people i guarantee you’ll have more fun playing this than any of the Kinect releases. Give it a go.

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