Tron: Evolution Will Always Have Daft Punk

No matter how Propaganda Games' video game companion to Disney's Tron: Legacy turns out, it will always have two tracks from Daft Punk's movie score to make it worthwhile. Disney Interactive details the music of Tron: Evolution.

When a game developer is hit with massive layoffs towards the end of the development cycle for a major release, one begins to worry about the quality of said release. Tron: Evolution developer Propaganda Games was cut from two teams to one last month, so I'm naturally a little concerned, though not about the music.

Disney Interactive reveals today that two tracks from Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy score will be making an appearance in the Tron: Evolution game. "Derezzed", which you may have already heard, and "the Grid" bolster a score by video game composer Sascha Dikiciyan, cinematic music from Chris Velasco, and ambient tracks by Kevin Manthei.

"Daft Punk's incredible music is a major part of the ‘TRON: Legacy' film and brings audiences into the unique TRON grid. We didn't hesitate when the opportunity arose to include some of the ‘TRON: Legacy' music into the video game," said Darren Hedges, game director, Propaganda Games. "The music score is punctuated by not only Daft Punk, but three of the best electronic composers in the business."

It sounds like Tron: Evolution is going to sound pretty damn amazing. Makes me wish there was a way to insert a console game disc into a standard CD player, just to hear the music.

Someone get on that immediately.


    The Tron Legacy sound track is coming out soon, hopefully that will satiate our thirst to hear all the Daft Punk goodness.

      I was just saying to friends the other day, that I don't care how horrible the movie may turn out to be, it's bringing us new Daft Punk, and for that it's fantastic already.

    "Makes me wish there was a way to insert a console game disc into a standard CD player, just to hear the music."

    There is and it's been possible since as early as the 90s.

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