'Try To Bite Aircrafts And Pull Them Down Into The Water'

That's one of the only player instructions in this flash game, Sydney Shark. What more do you need?

You are Sydney, a great white shark on the loose in... Sydney, Australia, and you've got a finite amount of coastline to roam, pulling down anything and everything you can cram into your toothy maw.

That includes humans and whales, yes, but also ocean liners, horse floats and large QANTAS passenger aircraft.

You can play it at the link below.

Sydney Shark [Newgrounds via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    My daughter loved playing this about 6 months ago, though she often laughed so hard she had trouble continuing.

    i wish they'd port this over to idevices...

    You laugh at this but this is real life in australia.

      Yeah I used to be a member of the Koala Guard until an incident just like this.
      I still have nightmares...

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