Uh, Where's Fable III On PC?

It's a valid question. After all, the Xbox 360 version is out, while the PC version is not, and it does not even have a release date.

Well, according to Lionhead, it's still... in development, the team behind the series saying "Fable 3 PC Version is still in development here at Lionhead so PC GAMERS don't panic. We'll announce details when we're ready to do so."

Can you blame them for the panic? While Fable 1 was released on PC, Fable II was not, which doesn't exactly give Lionhead a stellar track record with this kind of thing, especially since a delayed PC release makes Windows gamers feel like second-class citizens.

Fable III, the latest entry in the Fable series of role-playing games, was released earlier this month for the Xbox 360. You can read our review of that version here.

[Lionhead @ Twitter]


    Not that I agree with releasing PC games later, but it is nothing new. Many multi-platform games have the PC release later in an attempt to optimize sales for the relatively pirate free console market.
    Its an unfortunate price to pay for piracy, but at least there will be a version. Studios such as Rockstar look like they have no intention of PC releases, at the very least give no word.

    They're probably trying to make it as bug free as possible. Here's to hoping.

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