UK Prisoners Snuggle Up With Game Consoles

Thirty-hour games? Forty, 50, 70 hour games? No bother, some of the UK's biggest gamers have all the time in the world.

According to junior Justice Minister Crispin Blunt, a third of prisoners in England and Wales are able to own game consoles via an inmate good behaviour program. That means that over 36,000 prisoners are "eligible to have a games console of their own in their possession".

It is important to note that apparently no taxpayer money was used to purchase the consoles. Instead, they were purchased by the prisoners or their families. According to Ireland's Independent, a 2008 audit revealed that over 12,000 games had been purchased with taxpayer money.

"It's just further evidence that prisons resemble more of a holiday camp than a place of punishment," said politician Philip Davies. "When people reflect on the reasons that inmates are in prison they will be appalled that prisoners are allowed to do this kind of thing. Prison should be a punishment for committing either serious or persistent offences. Most people will conclude that prison has completely lost sight of what its purpose is - punishing or even rehabilitating people."

Prison is a punishment. Owning video games is part of a good behaviour program in the correctional system. If that program isn't working, then perhaps the UK authorities can amend it or create a new program. And while they're at it, maybe they can clean up the prison drug problem. Let's not take our eyes off the ball here.

36,000 inmates play games consoles - And Finally, Frontpage - [Independent via doope via オレ的ゲーム情報][Pic]


    Sorry but I have to disagree with this being appauling. You can't have people, even convicted prisoners in jail sitting around doing nothing. It would drive anyone insane.

    As much as I love games. There is only so much time I can spending playing games or doing any activity in a week before I burn out. People do get bored with any activity and quite easily too for that matter.

    Also prison is punishment? I think that person is forgetting the whole 'rehabilitation' angle of prison....

    Locked in a facility, lack of any real contact with the outside world... isn't that punishment enough? What do you expect of prisons, Phil- a 24hr torture program?

    I'm with the study I've got to say. Otherwise, where do you draw the line? Allow them videogames, perhaps a couch, maybe a barfridge, a PC... then jail's starting to resemble home detention moreso.

    These people aren't being locked up for fun; they're there because they've committed crimes. And somehow I think the idea of going to an entertainment-less prison is a bit more of a deterrent to breaking the law than having 24-hours a day state-sponsored time plugged into a console.

    Holiday Camp?! That's a PSOne! And look at the size of that TV! Poor bastard

    Before you worry about the consoles, this is a hardened criminal who has to have floral curtains in his cell... Poor dude needs games to get away from THAT reality!

    i didnt read the article -got distracted by the tasty looking mancake

    Oh look the otaku manchild advocating what is tatamount to torture, what a suprise, keep up the good work Ashcraft.

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