UPDATE: Whoops! Microsoft Can't Count?

So we ran a story this morning based on the fact that Microsoft were claiming 3 million Kinect sales in four weeks. Turns out they might have been a little quick off the mark on that one. The real, final number? Only a piddling 2.5 million.

Of course, that's still an incredible result. According to the Microsoft rep who called us frantically after the error, they're still on track for 5 million sales before the end of the year and, at the moment, they're managing to push 100,000 units a day.

The bad news is, of course, that Microsoft can't count. The good news? Kinect (along with Reach and Black Ops) has helped propel Microsoft's games division to 38% year on year growth. According to the Microsoft rep, 2010 is the game division's biggest year ever.


    They didn't miscount!

    It's just simple rounding to the nearest million. I think it's perfectly acceptable!

      I'm better at Galaga than I thought, then.

        hahaha I laughed!


      I want everyone to go out today and kill 10 people... Oh wait turns out we are rounding
      up to the nearest million...

    Gave my Kinect to the family. Our games room is perfect for it, my room is too small. I am surprised how many they are selling. It will slow down soon though with the games roster it currently has. I mean there are announced games like Steel Battalion and Draco... but there isn't a *real* release line up. Meaning there will probably be a gap of about half a year with no Kinect games I imagine?

      I'm not sure they'll allow a gap for the first year or so... I imagine they'll plug it with XBL titles, which would also push one of xbox's other strengths.

      Yeah I bought into gimmick once with Nintendo. Not buying into Sony's or Microsoft's, thank you very much.

        Yeah, every time I think about Kinect or Move I just take a look at my Wii (barely visible under all those layers of dust) and sanity returns.

        In total agreement. Also, everything I thought these two would be: a vehicle for boring, 5 minute play casual games, has come true so far. Kinect has had the most woefully unimpressive lineup ever.

        Though I must say there are some tempting outings on PS3 coming like KZ3 and Socom, but nothing that would make me want to replace my control pad.

        I will however consider purchasing whichever one of these implements good motion control into a cricket game.

      I'd have to agree. Every time I walk into JB I can't justify $100+ for a motion controller. The only wii games I play are anti waggle. While eyepet and eye of judgment got the augmentation out of my system. Sure motion control is cool but only for a short span, anything longer than a few hours and I may as well go to the park and do some real activities.

      Here here on the Cricket!

    Actually, Kotaku got it wrong. Going by the time the original story was published, other gaming websites had 2.5 million.

    Shouldn't blame anyone but themselves.

      Those stories were written before we got the local Australian press release. We assumed these were new numbers. We didn't get it wrong. They did. The numbers were direct from the source.

        Perhaps the 3,000,000 included all of the ones they gave away.

      *Dick comment of the day buzzer goes off*


    Obviously they used a Kinect interface when calculating the numbers, thus the inaccuracy!

    Well whats half a million between friends?

    Hmm, might try that line at the bank...

    looks like someone saw my post... lol

    That means there's also 2,500,000 copies of Kinect Adventures out there.

    That's a lot of Adventuring.

      I wonder if there are figures for the mix of Kinect vs Kinect w/Kinect Adventures. Not all retail versions come with the game.

    I wonder how many rafts have been sold?

      WTF does that mean? who's selling a raft. Isn't there a raft in the game or do you have to buy that as a digital item or something.

        haha calm down man, it's a crappy prephrial some company made for it.

    Two things:

    1)Where are the breakdowns for mix of standalone vs bundled Kinect? They have a history of claiming bundled (ie giveaway) numbers in sales figures. Dont they, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo ODST and Forza 3...? Whats good for Ninty is obviously good for the big M. At one-quarter the number of units shipped.

    2) At what point does MS actually get ahead after the disgusting millions of marketing dollars thrown at getting people to notice it? And then go into a game shop and still not know what it is they are asking for. And often enough end up buying a Wii or PS3. The exact thing that Sony DIDNT do at all well- market their (superior) product- is what Kinect has overcooked. And I dont even watch Jimmy Fallon or Oprah. Oh...cha. Ohhh... pro?

    Maybe half a million decided to return their units? :p

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