Video Of What Steven Spielberg's Failed 'LMNO' Could Have Been

This is the game that Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts wanted to make, but couldn't. The project known as LMNO will never be, but this "visual target" of the game that hoped to make us cry shows it could have been beautiful.

1UP, following up on its behind the scenes look at the development and double cancellation of LMNO (aka The Escape Artist), has first video of the game Spielberg and EALA were working on. This "target render" is just pre-rendered, wouldn't-this-be-cool kind of stuff, but it's unmistakeably Spielberg and offers a peek at the non-verbal communication tricks LMNO was aiming for.

Spielberg's LMNO Visual Target [1UP]


    Amusingly this will probably promote enough hype for it to get picked up again (by another publisher)

    I would definitely buy this (assuming it was the first version and not the second)

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