Want To Play Epic Mickey Early?

Fancy having a quick play at Epic Mickey almost two weeks before it's released?

Well, if you head down to The Nintendo Experience store on the mezzanine floor of EB Games in Swanston St, Melbourne this Saturday and Sunday, you'll be able to go hands on with the game before its official release on November 25. Between the hours of 11 am and 3pm, players can check out the game early – the first hundred arrivals will win a goodie bag valued at $100.

The event itself aside, the fact that Nintendo are supporting Epic Mickey by allowing players to check it out at The Nintendo Experience store is a great sign for the success of Epic Mickey. In general third party titles have faltered at retail, but the exceptions to that rule have almost exclusively been the titles that Nintendo has decided to get behind.

From this event, and from what we've heard, Epic Mickey has been a title that Nintendo has been very supportive of, especially in the lead up to its release. Having checked out the game recently we can honestly say it's a game that deserves success.

If you are in the Melbourne area this weekend, we thoroughly recommend that you get down to Swanston St and check it out.


    For those who didn't know, there are specialised Epic Mickey Wii Remote and Nunchuck covers to make you feel like you're realy throwing a paintbrush around.


    For Once a game preview in Melbourne! Yay...

    I am actually really looking forwared to Epic Mickey. Love Deus Ex game that game maker made. Also my wife loves disney, so it will be some great game bonding. Thanks for the heads up Mark.

    Erm, I'm getting conflicting reports:


    That says it's getting released on the 25th, as well as the play times being 11am-3pm. Could you check up with what's the dealio? I would love to check out Epic Mickey and hopefully get some free stuff while I'm at it :)

    Awesome - finally something in Melbourne lol

    I'm not sure what i'm doing this weekend, but it would be good to be able to head over and check this one out. This game still really isn't on my radar, but it could change the fact completely :)

    Would be nice to see it do well but, as I've said previously, I have a bad feeling about this...

    100 dollar goodie bag, I'm there! The MH:Tri event there was an easy raid for free stuff being that it was very quiet event and can't see this being too huge either. Not interested at all in the game but gimme tha loot, gimme tha loot!

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