Watch The World's Coolest Maths Teacher Troubleshoot Haunted PC

This man is unarguably the greatest maths teacher in the history of maths teachers. Or at least the greatest at pulling off large-scale video projector pranks that leave you laughing, stunned and a little bit awed.

This isn't Biola University professor Matt Weathers' first outing with a stunt like this; his Halloween lecture last year was similarly tricked out:

At the rate Professor Weathers is raising the bar, I fully expect next year's lecture to be of Super Bowl half-time proportions. Start planning now, doc! [biotv via The Daily What]

Republished from Gizmodo


    If only more teachers were as inspired as this guy, kids might get more out of school.

      yeah, no kidding...what a way to mix it up.

    That's one awesome teach.

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