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We Want Your Job is a regular section where we take the time to chat to those in the Australian games industry about their work, and the best routes available to get into said industry.

This week we have a quick chat with Andrew James, Art Director at 2K Marin in Canberra.

Hi! Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Andrew James, Art Director, 2K Marin – Canberra office.

Can you run us through a regular day in the life of Andrew James?

A big part of my day is spent talking to our counterparts on the team in 2K Marin – California. This involves answering emails, talking on messenger, and usually 1 or 2 hours a day in video conference, talking face to face and reviewing parts of the game. This is critical because when working with multiple studios in multiple time zones communication is key. Other responsibilities include getting concepts completed for the game, feedback and approvals, with our internal artists and outsourcing. Working with our art and narrative team here in Canberra. Drinking copious amounts of coffee.

How did you get into this role? What do us plebs need to do to become the next Andrew James??

I fell into this industry, it was never a plan of mine to work in games, although I have been a lifelong gamer. I studied Industrial Design, there was not much work around, and I landed a job as a modeler and animator in Sydney instead, things rolled on from there. I have been working at Irrational Games/2K Australia/2K Marin for the last 8 years.

What do you like most about your job?

The awesome people I get to hang out with every day, we have a great team of talented artists, designers and programmers.

If you could change anything about the games industry, what would you change?

Things seem to be going through a period of instability right now, I would love for the Industry in Australia to be able to employ more people and begin to grow again.


    Oh, I didn't realise 2k Games had changed their name.

    Great interview!

    I know this isn't relevant but can we get some coverage on the call of duty black ops lag issues, I've seen forum threads everywhere but no press has covered what I would assume to be big news

      It is the first day, so I'm sure they would be having issues

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