Well, Somebody Has Seen The PSP2

While Sony is yet to make official mention of an all-new PlayStation Portable, one of the biggest publishers in the world has no qualms confirming they've "had exposure" to the new handheld.

Asked "Have you had any exposure at all to the PSP2?" by website CVG, EA's Patrick Soderlund replied "Well, obviously as a developer we have had that - but I'm not allowed to talk about it."

Except for the part where you just talked about it.

Considering the relative secrecy that surrounds products from rival companies (particularly its fellow Japanese firm Nintendo), it makes you wonder why Sony is so utterly incapable of keeping these things under lock and key.

PSP2 exists - EA [CVG]


    He must of used a hack to put the developer into 'service mode' and got a response that way.

      Quick!! Update all the developers to 3.50!!!

    All these PSP2 teasings with no proper details is killing me... I'm so excited!

    I vaguely recall possibly reading something that may or may not have been in a dream, that devs actually had access to PSP2 prototypes before the 3DS. As such, they've had a lot of time to work with it - I have very high expectations of the launch.

      People have been rumored to be either working with or have seen the PSP2 hardware for god knows how long.. Well before the 3DS was even rumored. They are saying the hardware at the moment even runs way to hot and Sony are still looking into ways to fixing it, which could end up a reduction in speed and voltage..

      At any rate Sony needa to make up there mind, PSPP or PSP2..

    the first rule of psp2 is??????????????????


    we've had confirmation... but our mate likes his job so wont say anything else.

    Given the PSP's smaller-than-the-competition's game library, I'm curious as to why no one is pondering that if this device has dual analogue sticks, won't that make the entire PS2 and PS3 catalogue available to be ported to it? That's not a bad collection of launch titles right there...

      Maybe PS2, not likely PS3.

      Depends on the specs of the game.

      PS1 originals will be nice though :D

      Would be good, but not overly interested in purchasing all my games again, couldnt see it doing much for the user base either as most people will want new unique games (with the odd enhanced old game thrown in for good measure).

    Just reveal it Sony, everyone knows that the PSP2 exists, why try to hide it.

      Because this kind of publicity generates a lot of hype

    is this really article worthy? obviously sony has things in development that they seed to developers all the time. duh!

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