Well, They Actually Did It


    Ok, who's gonna tell Wil Wheaton?

      Someone far braver/stupider than I. Unless somebody wants to ply me with tequila first.

      On second thoughts, lets get Sheldon to do it :P

    ummmm, are you sure its not just the name Donkey Kong that's been Trademarked?

      nevermind... just visited the link.

    Reminds me when the biggest tool in the world *cough* Lleyton Hewitt *cough* wanted to take ownership of the word: c'mon (with perhaps the inclusion of pointing your hand at your forehead as if to ask everyone else: is this where my brains are supposed to be?).

    As Colbert noted on his show last week:
    Nobody says "It's on like Donkey Kong" any more. So who cares?

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