Wet 2, Naughty Bear 2 Coming From Familiar Team With A New Name

The head of 375-person development studio Artificial Mind and Movement realised his company had a bad name. So, today, they've changed it, and revealed two sequels in the process.

Wet 2. Naughty Bear 2.

They're coming from the studio now known as Behaviour Interactive. Live with that "u" in there, Americans.

http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/2010/11/custom_1289231874880_behaviour_logo.jpg" size="legacy" align="left"] Starting today, then, A2M is Behaviour. The company still consists of development teams in Montreal, Quebec, and Santiago, Chile. One group in Montreal, the "gamer studio" is making the two newly revealed sequels. Wet 2 would be a follow-up to the Kill-Bill-style 2009 adventure of a female bounty hunter who uses swords, guns and slow-mo killing moves. Naughty Bear 2 is a follow-up to the kid-unfriendly 2010 game that lets teddy bears kill teddy bears, the new one coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Behaviour CEO Rémi Racine declined to reveal anything else about the new games during a recent telephone interview with Kotaku. His focus is on the name change.

"We feel we needed a better name," he said. The name Behaviour, formerly used by the company in the late 90s but abandoned for the one often abbreviated as A2M, is shorter and easier to remem[image url="ber, the boss said.

The company hired someone to help them with this name change. The well-spent conclusion, according to Racine? "They basically explained to us the name isn't as important than what you do with it."

Other Montreal teams at Behaviour are split, working on portable games, online games (Racine: "our first web game will be launched in the beginning of the year with major media partner") and a family games studio handing Sims 3 for Wii, among other projects. The Santiago team is focused on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.


    Naughty Bear 2? Really? I would like to know how much money they made on that game... Probably a fair bit considering it looked and felt like monkeys made it.

    Wet wasn't great either. Sequels for 2 mediocre games... see, this is why Australian studios need to focus on their own IP, to avoid this kind of flotsam.

    don't really care about Naughty Bear 2, but I loved Wet and would love a second one.

    Probably a good move changing the name... I couldn't read A2M without thinking of something inappropriate.

      I'd never even heard of them til reading this and my mind went the same place I suspect yours did.

      BAHAHAHA After all this time of coming up with their logo in my mind, I FINALLY get it! At least my mind isn't always in the gutter I suppose, go science!

    Naughty Bear was amazingly bad, can't beleive they are doing a sequal. Wet wasn't all that bad, I enjoyed it, but again don't think its worth a sequal.

    I'm surprised they made enough money from Naughty Bear to fund a sequel. Must be a whole lot of people with buyer's remorse out there.

    probably two games that least deserve a sequel.

    Makes sense actually - I noticed that Naughty Bear hasn't dropped in price like Dark Void (for instance) so people must've bought it regardless

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