What Are You Playing This Weekend

Glorious, glorious weekend, how I've longed for thee.

And thankfully, this time round I don't have anything planned. In fact the only 'plan' I have involved chaining myself to the couch, gorging on Mi Goreng and playing through Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

I'll also try and make time to finish Black Ops, maybe catch up on some Halo: Reach multiplayer, possibly try and finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and then maybe try and go through the dark world levels on Super Meat Boy.

Now I'm starting to feel slightly overwhelmed.

But what about you guys? What are your plans for the weekend? What games will you guys be playing?


    If I can find the money, I'll be playing Bloody Good Time on MY steam account for once!

    I hate playing on someone elses account and getting achievements for them :(


    Black Ops ofcourse! And maybe a bit of Medal of Honor or Halo Reach.

    Maybe some Black Ops if the patch comes out (Agitated PC user here), but I'll most probably be playing New Vegas, Oblivion, or maybe even some Divinity 2.

    Trying to finish MGS4. Just beat Crying Wolf. So far, that game is incredible.

    Also just picked up NBA Jam TE and Madden 95 for Megadrive so I may have to stroll down memory lane for a while. Boomshakalaka!

    I think you guys Ozzies eat Mie Goreng much more than us Indonesians..

    I'll be trying gorging on Halo Reach Credits the whole weekend I guess

    I won't get much time in front of a console this weekend :( I'm taking my laptop with me, so Street Fighter IV when I'm able.

    After yesterdays discussion i installed XIII on my pc last night, but didn't get a chance to play it, so i hope to have a look at it and see how it goes down - certainly looks like fun with the back cover.
    I also hope to get some time in with Mass Effect - i need to kill Benezia and she is really pissing me off.

    Other than that, it's Dad's B'day today, so i'll be with him most of tomorrow. Picked him up a few 360 games which he should enjoy.

    I'm going to be playing "write constantly so that I can reach a word count of 50000 for NaNoWrimo."

    The gameplay is repetitive as hell, but I'm finding the plot pretty interesting so far.

    Oh, and Rock Band 3.

    Nothin', still got two exams left before games and I have 3 months to ourselves - I'm plannin' a sneaky little trip into the mountains as a surprise, don't say anything ;)

      Ahh exams. Sure feels nice to have finished them :P

      I joke. Exams are done, I just bought Red Dead Undead Nightmare, so I'll be playing that. Probably ACII to get back into Brotherhood, which I'm really looking forward to (Curses to you Mark and your early copy/review code/journalistic privileges!)

      And finishing up on Ghost of Sparta!

        Just on exams, I have not only finished my final exams, I got my results last night and I have got a HD (85%) for Finance which was not my strength (so i thought)... so. I can officially get my MBA now! Ust saying the feeling of finishing is well worth it in the end!

          Congratulations man! Getting a HD takes some hard work, so good on you!

          Congrats will you now be known as

          Fatshady MBA?

            OK, awesome idea. Given that I am not really using my qualifications at work I thougt I would just use them around here!

            Gotta get some use out of it!

          *wipes tear from eye*
          so proud, my little boy's all grown up!!

          Well done, mate!

            Dude.. i'm older than you!!!

            So does this make me the professor and you are Phillip J Fry?.. lol

    Gonna start a game of "Deadly Premonition" if I find the time.

    Black Ops Veteran campaign run through, maybe some Zombies and definitely some multiplayer. Also, I need to finish God of War I and II already so I can play God Of War III.. which has been sitting on my shelf, still shrink wrapped for about 2 weeks now.

    Backlogs suck.

    Hopefully finishing Far Cry 2.
    I've instituted a new rule that once I start a game, I have to finish it before moving on.
    Luckily 'The Goose' was right on this one though, the game is great...

    Just borrowed Darksiders and Bayonetta from a friend, I'll probably just play those. Oh and squeeze some TF2 in there too.

      I just started playing my 6 month unopened copy of Darksiders on Sunday. Shame i didn't realise what i was missing all that time. It is a F#@KING good game.

      I will be playing that this weekend...Oh and Rockband 3 with my new KEYTAR.

      P.S. To anyone interested i bought RB3 and keyboard for Xbox360 from Barnes and Noble in USA for $165 delivered. Took 3 days to get here.

        Is it better than the demo?
        Being a long time Joe Madureira fan I was super excited and then played the demo and got super annoyed.
        I liked the idea of god of war meets zelda.
        I don't need originality to like a game(I'm playing Incognito on DS right now).

          I never played the demo. All i knew was the Zelda comparisons. Which i was fine with.

          I just love the story the graphics and the brutality of it all.

          I've never played any God of War games. May have to when i finally get a PS3.

    Something from a smaller developer. Combat Mission: Shock Force - new NATO module is out. So probably get reaquainted with some PC strategy.

    Wish I could play more New Vegas but after my 40 hr saved game became unplayable because it was full of bugs and errors - well I'm not going to start again until a major bug fixing patch is released.

    I'll be playing Fallout: New Vegas. Coz I'm an idiot and seem to have forgotten that other games exist.

      DOn't feel bad mate. I am the same.

      By the way, do you know when Black Ops is coming out...

      There are other games apart from New Vegas???
      I need to learn me some Power Armour Training. Stupid uppity Brotherhood of Steel. >=(

    Having finished Gothic 4 the other night, I'll probably spend some time with single player COD:MW2. Played the first few levels last night and it seems pretty decent. Might get a bit more time with Brutal Legend too. i'd really like to go back to gothic 4 and find the couple of ancient relics and forgotten graves i missed, but I'll be damned if I would even know where to begin :0 Maybe I'll just go back and play gothic 3 again for kicks ;)

    Well I finished Mass Effect 1 this week. I really enjoyed that. One of my top ten games of all time i think. So next on the pile of shame: Batman.

    Been hanging out for ages for this so I'm excited. I have recently been reading Gotham central. It's a comic about the cops in gotham done in a really gritty style. The heros and villans make cameos now and then but it is an interesting look at what life would be like in violent superhero/villan city.

      Hey it's not shame.. we're just taking our time..

      I've still yet to finish mass effect, fallout 3 and batman. Right now getting into Deadspace and just rebooted RE5 with the gf. I hope someone adds an eight day to the week just so I can finish all these damn games. Let us call it Funday.

      Gotham Central rules!
      Rucka and Brubaker are both masters. Loved the Montoya story Rucka did.
      The whole series is so amazing.
      Have you ever Checked out Brubaker's "Criminal" or Rucka's "Queen and Country".
      Rucka also did the novelisations of Perfect Dark.

        Will have to check those out. I get most of my comics from the library thou, so i hope they have it. I save my spare moneys for games.

        I was reading a few more recent things with Montoya as the question. I think I preferred her as a tough cop rather than a super hero.

          Which city you in? Brisbane Council libraries have a huuuuuge selection. They have Criminal. Haven't seen Queen and Country.

          I thought Montoya as the Question seemed a little forced.
          She pops up as Batwoman's ex in the latest trade written by...RUCKA.
          If I were you I'd just buy the Batwoman trade, J.H.Williams III does the artwork and he's just awesome.

    Assassin's creed II (need to finish it before Brotherhood comes out), Super Meat Boy (Bought it last night), and catching up to my housemate on FFXIV. Oh, I also have work, and I'm going to try and get one of those Epic mickey goodie bags.

    Try replacing the standard mi goreng chilli sauce with an equivalent amount of trident sweet chilli sauce. Its way better and you dont get the nasty indigestion.

    Thats how we do it in the pros

      Sweet Chilli??!!

      Blasphemy! If you are going to change it you should use ABC brand extra pedas (extra hot) chilli sauce.

      Ha sweet chilli indeed!

    The wife's birthday so don't think I'll get much time for gaming.
    Probably a bit of LOL and maybe playing through part two of the rain slicked precipice of darkness

    I'm going to be playing '600km car trip to see Metallica on Monday'... however following that I will be probably be picking up NBA Jam, Goldeneye 007 and Enslaved... so I shall also be playing around with one of them.

    Black Ops. I'm getting that stutter that many PC players are experiencing but to a much lesser extent than some of the cases that have been mentioned. Playable but definitely getting me killed a few times every match.

    What a weekend I have planned. I am getting together with a mate of mine tonight to basically play Trials HD together for a significant portion of the night while eating Pizza and drinking. I also have a 2yo son who will be at home with wifey so for those with kids... this is a BIG deal!

    Also, New Vegas when i am home gaming but on Sunday, will be going to another mates house to set up his brand new 360 with backbreaker!!! He is an old football (gridiron) mate of mine who i convinced to get a 360... more gaming buddies in RL. Always good!

    Looking forward to it actually.

    Saturday's a write off already:
    Pagaent in the morning followed by heavy drinking from 11am onwards.

    Sunday will be CoD:BO, MoH and Assasins Creed 2.
    I'd like to sqeeze some Fable 3 in there too... I've been leaving it running overnight to earn more gold, not having it really made the second half of the game suck.
    I might also try out Super Meat Boy... given how much good press it's getting here.

    I'm totally addicted to the shadowgate mud (shadowgate.org)

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