What Are You Playing This Weekend

Man, it never stops at the Serrels household. If this was any other weekend I'd probably say that my weekend would be dominated by Rock Band 3, or possibly me playing Halo: Reach, or getting stuck into the Goldeneye remake (which I'm hearing really good things about) - but sadly, I'm spending the whole weekend helping my brother in-law move into his new house.

Maybe I can make an Pikmin-style RTS out of it? Stand on top of a really large box and make my in laws do my bidding.

Aw... that's just made me really want to play Pikmin now. Which I can't, because I'm going to be helping my brother in-law move house! ARGH!

Anyways - what are you guys planning to play this weekend? Tell me! Make me tear out my nostril-hairs in jealousy! What will you guys be playing while I'm lugging furniture around?


    Furniture is like Tetris blocks, right? Maybe if you can fit it in all nice and neat like and make rows, you can make it disappear so there'll be nothing to move!
    Dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun (this is supposed to be the tetris theme, by the way), dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun DUN DUN! Dun du-dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUN!

      For those with no imagination...


        That tune is the only reason I still have my gameboy.
        I freaking love that thing.

      DUN is the incorrect noise, it should be DOO's not DUN's.

    God, I hate moving house... even more so since I worked as a removalist for a couple of years.

    I'll be continuing my Fallout NV travels. I've been playing for about 25 hours, and have managed to mostly ignore the main storyline for now.

    On a related note, as I was getting into my car this morning, I spied a beat up old bottle cap on the ground, and couldn't help but pick it up and put it in my pocket... damn Fallout... :)

    Oh yeah, I have also been enjoying Pinball FX2, so will probably try to crack my high score on the Rocky and Bullwinkle table, and I noticed that my video shop has Vanquish, so I might have a crack at that.

    Well, I'm adult level 2 tomorrow, so I guess it's free reign on my birthday... right?

    I think I'll splurge on steam... XD

    Though I probably should finish Fallout3 after 2 years, lol! XD

    Yeah, supervise - test your micromanagement skills.

    Unfortunately, I get to sit and study for exams this weekend. The next two weekends, in fact, so not much gaming. :(

    Just make sure you make him sign a contract in blood whereby you're promised plenty of beer and bbq in return for your efforts!

    I'll spend the first half of my weekend trying to find drivers for an old USB wifi dongle (rather than buying a new one), then setting up my new HTPC rig up with some old emulators to whittle the time away. Oh and PES.

    Fable 3 even though I've finished it. This time I'll see if I can finish it in less then 15 hours but aside from that... I'm waiting for Black Ops.

    Fallout New Vegas will no doubt consume most of my weekend, bugs and all. Maybe a few beers and Halo Reach with the lads.

    Whenever I move house I like to pretend it's a mix of 2 games - Tetris and that Super Mario Bros handheld game in the conrete factory from the Game and Watch series. The factory game helps with my lifting (and catching) and it's amazing how much you can fit in a hatchback when you hum the Tetris theme while packing.

    Unfortunately nothing, I'll be busy packing for my holiday to QLD for which I'll be gone for 2 weeks or so. But if I do get time to play, it'll be on Uncharted 2

      Enjoy the holiday, mate :)

        A reply to me from Chuloopa himself, I'm honored :D. Thanks I will definitely enjoy it. My first ever road trip with my best mate :)

    I'm one that likes helping people move, sure it's hard work, but you know there is going to be Pizza and Beer at the end of the day. ;)

    Plus, as mentioned above, it's like Tetris with the organisation of the boxes and furniture, try and get as much in for each trip.

    There are couple of birthday parties to attend this weekend, so not much gaming to be had.

    When I get the chance though, strolling the wastelands of New Vegas will be pretty much all that will get done, maybe boot up Castlevania also for about 5mins since that arrived yesterday and have a quick play.

    I doubt i'll get any time to play games tonight or tomorrow.. but on sunday i'll hopefully get some time with Super Meat Boy or Dead Rising 2, if i feel like it. Maybe a couple rounds of zombie bowling.. i'm really enjoying it's quirky spin on traditional bowling.

    We've got 4 family birthdays this coming week so that means more time will be spent on shopping than anything else this w/e, and back to the Gym sunday.

    I lived in a craphole for 6 years all because I hate moving house (plus the rent was cheap)

    I'm gonna sink some time into Goldeneye, maybe try and finish RDR:Undead Nightmare 100% and just do stuff around the house.

    Probably a bit of Medal of Honor/MW2 multiplayer, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II and maybe finish off God of War I and II (Collection) so I can finally start on God of War III.

    Rock Band 3, man. Armed with the full complement of instruments, with a full run of about 400-odd songs, a whole heap of friends, and enough pizza and pasta to feed an army - it's time to play some plastic instruments!

      If I didn't have to do the moving thing, this would have been my weekend right there.

    I'm really not sure, as I got myself a huge backlog of games. Raging Blast 2, Naruto Ninja Storm 2, New Vegas (Mods!! <3 ), Darksiders, Smackdown VS RAW 2011, Fable 3..... GAH!

    Only time will tell.

      Play Darksiders. It's not particularly difficult, and it's not overly lengthy. But it is super fun. It combines the dungeon/temple puzzling of the Zelda series with combat more reminiscent of 'hack & slash' games. If you've played any reasonable amount of Zelda games, you should be able to knock over Darksiders over the weekend.

    The way I'm feeling right now, I may pull out the real guitar... just acquired a bunch of new prog rock albums (new James LaBrie solo album, some Pagan's Mind and a Lana Lane album) and am feeling the desire to rock out.

    Oh and in the process feel superiour to anyone who plays any form of Rock Band or Guitar Hero :P

    I've just finished moving house myself! w00t! Finally I can sit back and dedicate my entire weekend to Gothic 4!! Well.. apart from sunday arvo when my wife's having some freinds around for a kind of house warming party/lunch. I'll also be sorting out my toys this weekend. Hopefully I'll have enough room on my new shelves to display them all, though I kind of doubt it at this stage.

    If the copy of Vanquish I won arrives before the weekend, that's what I'll be playing. Otherwise I'll probably just study for my Engineering Materials exam which I should be doing in the first place.

    NV with a little Minecraft, I'm building a highway through hell.

    In between wheelbarrowing 10 cube of soil from one end of my 1 acre yard to the other, for vege patch extension and native gardens, I will be wandering Vegas with gun in hand.

    Even with all of the glitches and freezes I still LOVE the game. It has inspired me to finish Fallout 3 GOTY (again); but it is all about treading water until GT5 arrives.

    Fallout NV is all i will see (and perhaps somefamily/house/gardening duties). Level 18 or so with about 22 hours in so far. Had a slow week with PC issues (even though NV is on the xbox).. and Minecraft wont load after a system restore i had to do. So will try to fix that then play it also.

      Probably need to update your Java.

    Fallout: New Vegas and maybe some Modern Warfare 2 so that I'm in good form for Black Ops.

    need to finish heavy rain, god of war 3, brutal legend, and red dead redemption before gt5 gets released , whenever it does

      Let me free up some of your time: Don't bother with Heavy Rain.

        Really? So far that's my favourite game of the year...

    I want to say anything but F:NV but sadly, I'll just be playing s**tloads of F:NV. Maybe some Fable III. I might gaze down on the new coaster that used to be TFUII and swear loudly.

    After spending the last few months replaying through the series, I recieved Metal Gear Solid 4 in the mail the other day and I will now complete Kojima's saga at last. LIQUID!!!!

    Also, I ordered MSG4 from ozgameshop.com for the very reasonable price of $26.99. And with an unknown $7 sitting in my Paypal account, it brought it down to 19 bucks overall. Not bad. Not bad at all.

      Screw the haters - MGS4 is an awesome awesome game. I love it with a forbidden passion that is both unhealthy and ungodly.

        How could anyone hate on a game where you use a tin drum that some dude just used as a toilet as a viable means of camouflage?

        Yet another example of why Kojima is an insane genius.

        Completely, who cares if each Chapter has to pre-install and comes with a cut scene that is about 30mins in length... or the ending cut scene is like a movie length feature.

        There are some truly EPIC moments in that game, like that part where you are playing but you don't want to be playing because you want to watch what is happening elsewhere! ;)

        The final battle was amazing also, the setting and how it was designed was some very nice fan service. One of the best end bosses of all time.

    Either Fable 3 or contemplating purchasing Fallout NV later today. Good idea?

      Fallout NV is definately a good idea.

      I might sink a few more hours into it, up to about 40 or 50 atm. Though I'll probably spend most of it trying to finish Blood Stone on 007 Difficulty since I knocked it over in a day ;D

      Then there's Borderlands since I can play Clap Trap Revolution now that the level cap has gone up. So yeah, plenty of options till NFS, NBA Jam and Brotherhood drop in the next three weeks -.-

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