What Are You Playing This Weekend

Man, it never stops at the Serrels household. If this was any other weekend I'd probably say that my weekend would be dominated by Rock Band 3, or possibly me playing Halo: Reach, or getting stuck into the Goldeneye remake (which I'm hearing really good things about) - but sadly, I'm spending the whole weekend helping my brother in-law move into his new house.

Maybe I can make an Pikmin-style RTS out of it? Stand on top of a really large box and make my in laws do my bidding.

Aw... that's just made me really want to play Pikmin now. Which I can't, because I'm going to be helping my brother in-law move house! ARGH!

Anyways - what are you guys planning to play this weekend? Tell me! Make me tear out my nostril-hairs in jealousy! What will you guys be playing while I'm lugging furniture around?


    I'm a lucky man, it's going to be a very quiet weekend for me. I was planning to weed the backyard and clean the garden shed, but it's been raining so much! So instead I'll be playing Valkyria Chronicles II. I might pick up the new God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Not that I'm complaining ^-^

    I am going to invest time into the Red Dead zombie content. For some reason I assumed it was a bunch of multiplayer crap that I would never use but after watching the quicklook on ginatbomb I am super keen to give it a go.

    I have about 8 games still in shrink wrap, Darksiders and Dead Rising 2 among them but last week decided instead to dust off the N64 and play Donkey Kong 64.
    Only half way through so i guess i'll be collecting more coloured bananas this weekend.

    I am mid house renovations at the moment so game time is limited and will be for some weekends to come. Damn life getting in the way.
    I will however get some gaming in. I only recently got into PC gaming after being a console only guy so I am planning on playing through some of the stuff I have missed. I just finished Half life 2 and I want to change it up before hitting epp 1 and 2 and was thinking Crysis or The Witcher??
    Any suggestions guys (and gals)???

    I'll be playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. I'll see if I can finally finish off career mode, after having the game for 2 years. Or I could start Need for Speed Most Wanted again after completing it for the first time last week. I've owned that game for 3 years. :o
    Or I could just do some online Nexuiz or Halo CE games and see how many n00bs I can crush :D

    Piping at a wedding on Saturday... but after that I'm planning on playing Fable3 and maybe reskilling in CoD:MW2, in prep for Black Ops.

    Might do some more work on finishing the pile of shame, currently only have:
    Assasins Creed 2, SW:TFU2, Alan Wake and Darksiders left.

    I might even move the lounge room back about a metre in prep for Kinect too.

      You play the bagpipes? That's awesome.

        http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2874659274/in/set-72157609089680960/

        Edinburgh Tattoo in 2007.
        First rank of red tartan on the left.
        Third guy in is me.

        A few of us got asked to play with the Scots Dragoon Gaurds, because they'd lost some people in Afganistan... I was one of them.

        Our band was in Sydney in February for the drench fest that was the tattoo earlier this year as well

        Also... after there's this:

        That's the Adelaide international guitar festival, and I've got a photo with Andre Riu somewhere too.

    Have a few to play this weekend, Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3, Rockband 3, and hopefully some Red Dead :)


    Been cranking Undead Overrun all week which has been fun, but it's not fleshed out enough to keep my attention any longer. In contrast, the campaign is amazing and a must for anyone who enjoyed RDR.

    I love Rock Bad 3!

    Black Ops - got it yesterday. The zombie level is awesome, it is seperate from the main mission. Really intense game play, wave after wave. Haven't finished the first level yet. Think my best was 45 zombies so far.

    Am about half way through the campaign on hard and it's been really fun if a little easy (although i have had to replay a few areas a couple of times). It has a similar feel to MW2. The Ai is a bit hit an miss. The enemy nail you pretty easily if your out in the open. There was one instance when we ran ahead and an enemy was stuck between me and my 2 team mates. The enemy just kept running in circles and didn't know who to aim at or kill.

    Have not played online as it has not been released yet, so will have to wait till Tuesday or unless we hook up some offline multiplayer.

      pics or you're a dirty pirate

        Pics... and you're still a dirty pirate.

          Yeah i'm a dirty pirate. But i have the Prestige Edition paid in full on pre-order.

          Havent had to use the remote controlled car yet. Cant wait.

          But the crossbow is awesome, the exploding heads are green and look like Halo sticky grenades.

    Reccetear, TF2, and as much F1 2010 as I can handle before quitting in fury at Codemaster's hamfisted attempt to patch it (averaging just a single race weekend atm).

    Sonic & Sega Racing with the kids and Monday Night Combat with the grown ups.

    Also hunting down a copy of Monopoly Streets for the 360 so I can lure my 'casual' wife to the dark side!

    Rock Band 3 keyboard arrived...but Rock Band 3 didn't. So whatever I do, it won't be RB3.

    Not as much game time as usual this weekend. Computer science exam in 10 days. Damn black ops coming out so close to it is gonna be a hard one to juggle too!

    I'll probably fit in some geometry wars, darksiders and minecraft. Darksiders is a load of fun. Give it a go if you haven't already.

    Champion online actually

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