What Does The Canadian Army Want With $US25k Worth Of Games?

What Does The Canadian Army Want With $US25k Worth Of Games?

A Canadian military garrison has a rush order out for 500 video games, a requisition that a headquarters spokeswoman admitted is “strange”.

The government tender, which closes December 2, asks for Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Assassin’s Creed 2, in addition to rhythm gaming titles, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and X-Men Origins. The spread and the appeal of the games, plus the fact they asked for Gears of War on the PC, make the tender extremely curious. No one’s going to be playing Fallout 3 in a rec hall, you know.

The shipment is to be delivered “as soon as possible” to the Longue-Pointe Garrison in Montreal. For Gears of War, 93 copies are requested. For Modern Warfare 2, the garrison requires 82 copies. Longue-Pointe Garrison is a supply depot.

The complete list in the Canadian Forces order according to the CP:

Gears of War (PC)
Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero 3 (Xbox 360)
Assassin’s Creed 2 (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)
Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360)
Gears of War (Xbox 360)
Mortal Kombat DC Universe (Xbox 360)
Rock Band (Xbox 360)
Tiger Woods 2011 (Xbox 360)
X-Men Origins (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock (Xbox 360)
Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)
Assassin’s Creed 2 (PS3)
Ghost Recon (Xbox 360)

‘Gears of War,’ ‘Call of Duty’ on Canadian Forces’ Hit List [Canadian Press via GamePolitics]


  • Doesn’t seem that odd to me.
    They do the supply for bases and units on deployment… I’d say they’re planning on shipping some games to bases overseas.

  • The actual titles don’t seem strange. But look at that list. That’s 16 titles, but they want 500 copies? Why would you need 30 copies of Rock Band 2? Or any of the fighting games? Or CoD? A Garrison only has several hundred soldiers, and not every soldier has his own console.

    They only have several per rec room, and there’s no way they’re going to be playing more than one at the same time. So it’s just an excessive order.

  • Maybe they figured they could get personal orders cheaper as a bulk order…

    A PC game is definately anomalous in that lot though.

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