What Good Can Come From Metallica Meeting Call Of Duty: Black Ops?

About a million dollars worth, actually. Activision and Metallica are teaming for a good cause and a selfish one, with the band headlining the publisher's Call of Duty: Black Ops launch party and finding unemployed military vets jobs.

The stars of Guitar Hero: Metallica will be the stars of Activision's big promotional push for next week's big Call of Duty launch, raising $US1 million for the Call of Duty Endowment, the benefit that "helps soldiers with the transition to civilian life and help them establish jobs and careers".

"We are honoured to have Metallica partner with us to pay tribute to the brave servicemen and women who have risked their lives at war only to return home to find their biggest challenge is searching for a job," stated Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, while possibly throwing up devil horns. "Today, the unemployment rate for veterans is 21 per cent higher than the rate for all Americans, with veterans' unemployment topping 500,000. We believe that the business community can and should do more."

While I'm sure the more cynical Call of Duty fan/Bobby Kotick hater will compare that to the billions of dollars the next Call of Duty game will reap for the publisher, a million bucks is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, free Metallica show! Woooo!!


    Robert Kotick doesn't need to throw up devil horns. He's already got a set of them attached to his head.

      Can you get off the bullshit bandwagon for two minutes and give me an explaination as to why Kotick is supposedly so bad? Who brought you SC2? Who is bringing you the new WoW? Who rebooted guitar hero and made it better than ever? I am pretty sure it wasnt you, and that is was *shock and horror* Bob Kotick.

        Uh Kotick did not bring WoW or SC2. Blizzard had the money to release them anyways...

        You mustn't have heard about the man. He may own the company that brings games like that but he's doing his damned hardest to exploit them for all they're worth and run them into the ground. Look at Guitar Hero. Or his comments about his vision for Call of Duty.

        Blizzard were a raging success before the Activision merger. Kotick/Activision contribute nothing to Blizzard's games, they just collect a cut of the money. If they'd never merged, you'd see no difference at all in the quality of Blizzard's work.

        If by "Rebooted Guitar Hero and made it better than ever" you mean "milked Guitar Hero with multiple iterations of declining quality each year until not just the franchise but the entire genre was sucked dry and is now a dried out, dessicated husk" then yes, I agree - the answer is "Bob Kotick". Guitar Hero has been on a gradually steepening decline ever since Harmonix left after GH2.

        And now we're seeing the effects of Kotick's milking of GH impacting on the entire music genre, resulting in a superb game like Rock Band 3 (metacritic 93) sinking like a stone due to Kotick's constant shovelling of Guitar Hero manure such as Warriors of Rock (metacritic 72).

        Withdraw thou head from thou anus.

        He's a douche. He publically said he doesn't care about games and wants to raise the prices on them!

        He's the reason DLC (which is meant to be free) now costs money. Sheep buy his cash-cow DLC, and other publishers see people paying for DLC, so they start to charge too.

        1) Kotick didn't have a finger in Blizzard's games. Blizzard is independent of Activision's hierachy and run by their own schedules.

        2) Kotick hasn't done anything positive to GH. His MO of pumping out tired expansions of the franchise is what ran it into the ground. With endless stream of mediocre installments, consumers got bored and when Rock Band offered a superior alternative, they jumped ship. Rock Band is the success it is precisely because of Kotick's unintended sabotage of the GH franchise.

        3) Kotick's MO of annual installments to milk everything for what it's worth is also what ruined Tony Hawk and destroyed Modern Warfare.

        4) Kotick deserves no credit for how his games come out, good or bad. He's just a slave driver who forces his developers into strict schedules and discourages creativity in the pursuit of the sales figures.

        5) Get your facts straight.

    Does it really matter that much to people, it's a game, just play it.

    Holy shit I don't give a f*** about cod I want metallica again!!!

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    Bobby Kotick (the biggest sell-out in videogames) combines forces with Metallica (the biggest sell-outs in music)?

    I wonder what could have brought these two 'amazing' names together? Oh right. MONEY.

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