What If Star Wars Was A... Classic PC Adventure Game

We've seen what Star Wars would look like as a classic Lucasarts adventure game, but artist Andy Rash's glorious pixel art looks so much like a classic Sierra adventure game that it's tough not to wonder what could have been.

Imagine, instead of reliving the original Star Wars trilogy through fast-paced action games like X-Wing, Super Star Wars and Dark Forces, you could have bungled your way around pixellated landscapes typing endless sentences in the hope you did the right thing!

"stay on target"

"stay on target"

"go to toschi station"

"pick up power converters"

And so on. Head to Rash's site to see the full lineup featuring the cast of the entire classic trilogy.

1200% Star Wars [Andy Rash, via technabob]


    They're... they're beautiful...

    "look for droids"

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