What Kids Really Want For Christmas

Wow. This is really interesting stuff. When I think kids and Christmas I think of the Nintendo 64 kid, but you may be surprised with what children of today want to hold over the head in a red cordial inspired euphoric frenzy.

Top of the list is the iPad, but you have to wait until position four before finding a traditional games console, the Nintendo DS. What's really surprising, however, is just how far down the list other games consoles are, and the positioning. The PSP over the Xbox 360, for example? Every Apple device ever made over... everything!

Are you guys surprised? Or does it make total sense? I guess I'm just getting old and out of touch. Sigh...

Nielsen: 31 percent of kids want an iPad, other stuff [Engadget]


    It makes no sense to me that a 6 year old should have an iPhone.

      Or any kind of mobile phone for that matter. Seriously, if they don't see every damn one of their friends at school on a given day, they can use a home phone if they're desperate to call them.

    Marketing works on kids. This is proof.

    Back in the day, there was no way that Game Boy wouldn't be at the top of that list (a list for boys, anyway).

    And while that's mentioned, I guess that girls and boys alike get excited about Apple products, but handheld video games still largely (though not as much as used to be) male territory. Might be a different result for a boys-only table?

    Also, maybe the reason most consoles don't make the 'cut' of intended purchases, is because the household already has one, thanks to long-time-gamer parents...?

      Another thing Seamus just said: kids love to have handhelds because it feels like it belongs to them more. Plus they can take it school, show their friends, and then get it covered in chocolate milk and then stomp on it for some reason.

        That certainly rings true to my experience. My Game Boy was so much mine that my parents had no choice but to buy a second one for my brother (and a second copy of Zelda and Donkey Kong) :)

    10% want an eReader? Kids read these days?

      Looks like 31% also want an E-Reader. Both 21% and 16% want a Bluray player, too.

        you think kids would read on an ipad if they had one?

    Hard to beleive a 6-12 yr old would want a blu-ray player over a 360. Maybe they've all got one already.

    Kids STILL want a Wii??

      To replace their Wii's no longer working from dust clogging. /flame shield ON!

    ...what a strange sample of kids. Not much of that makes sense to me, considering the age bracket - how much exposure would a primary school kid have with an iPad? Would they know what it is, really?

    What you can't see are

    95% Dinosaur
    92% Invisibility Cloak
    82% Laser Blaster
    22% Dog / Robot Hybrid

      I'm not too surprised given how early kids are introduced to computers these days.

        whoops. that was not in reply to thecresta.

        I would have said, Invisibility Cloak over Dinosaur anyday!

      Currently 20 years of age and still waiting on my damn Triceratops with lasers that I can ride to school/work. Santa, you'd better have top men onto it.


    What happened to Action Man?


      I never thought it got that popular. Overshadowed by the anime titans Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. I do remember enjoying the show on Cheez Tv. If I remember correctly it was half live action and half cartoon.

        Can't you remember when kids would say "come here i'll tell you a secret" and then they screamed in your ear "ACTION MAN THE GREASTEST HERO OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"? I can. I threw a tennis ball at them and broke their nose. HAHA.

          Sounds more like advertising to me :P

          I remember that! Only in the 90's would you find such classic pranks and crap.

    Kids today...

    They'll get what they're given... and they'll like it.

    *raises hand*

    Or else.

      Apart from a little parental snooping to find out what the kid prefers *ie; making it a surprise*(Why I commend Sony for this years E3) I completely agree. I hope if I have a kid, they will be into gaming as I am.

    When I was a kid I wanted a N64 but I got a Playstation. Don't give me wrong, I'm not complaining. I also had a Gameboy for my Pokemon fix anyway. Missed out on some quality stuff like Zelda and Mario though in my childhood.

    Even if current technology was around back then, I never would have wanted a bloody e-reader (a very special what the hell to this), iphone or blu ray player. What the hell is wrong with you kids?

    If I had no gaming apparatus as a kid this would be my list:

    1. Computer (with interwebs)
    2. PS3 (doubles as my dvd player)
    3. Wii

    Some of the positioning does seem a bit weird, but kids are stupid.

    the sad thing is, parents will buy this crap for their kids...

    when i was young, every year i would ask for a gameboy, and santa would bring me an electric toothbrush...

    it was only until laste year when my friends bought me a DS was when i first got a handheld console...

    Computer up there ahead of the consoles actually isn't surprising.

    I have some cousins that are around this age (11) and they and their friends only play computer games. This generations consoles are really only selling with older gamers

    Guess the fat kids cant hold a controller anymore so ar opting for an iPad where they just have to move the device or use their fingers...

    Childhood Obesity is killing the games industry! =P

    What does a kid want an iPad for?

    I would think that the ipads and e-readers are simply because they want one of those cool dataslates from the sci-fi movies.

    Hell, that's the only reason I would ever buy one. Not an ipad though, I'll wait for something I actually have a use for.

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