What's Inside The GameStop Exclusive Conduit 2 Limited Edition?

Gamers that pick up Sega's Conduit 2 at GameStop will score an exclusive limited edition of the game at no additional cost. What extras do you get for free?

Most of the additional content in the Conduit 2 Limited Edition are the sort of things you'd expect from a free limited edition upgrade. You get a suit of shiny gold destroyer armour, a'la Crackdown 2. You also get an enhanced All-Seeing Eye search device called the Eye of Ra.

The item of real additional value is the 44-page Conduit 2: the Art of the Game book, which is the sort of thing you'd generally see as a preorder bonus.

So you get more, but not a lot more. Still, free is free. I like free.

Conduit 2 will be out in February of next year.


    "What’s Inside The GameStop Exclusive Conduit 2 Limited Edition?"

    Hopefully a good game... but I wouldn't put money on it.

    lol I was expecting something cool :P

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