Where The Hell Is Battlefield 1943 On PC?

I didn't put much time into the console versions of Battlefield 1943 because I was waiting for the PC edition. Thing is, nearly a year and a half later, I'm still waiting. What's up with that?

"We are obviously working on the PC platform and we'll be ready to talk about that shortly", EA's Patrick Soderlund tells Eurogamer. "You should see information around the PC platform in the not too distant future."

Don't get too excited by the words "not too distant future". For a port that's already sixteen months behind the PS3 and 360 versions, it could be mean "2014" in relative terms.

The future of Need for Speed revealed [Eurogamer]


    The PC version is a lie. I bet its ready to distribute now but they just can not be bothered. 360 and PC is not a whole lot different, Its going to be a port regardless but I had no idea a 300mb+ game takes so long to port.

    I waited a few months then said screw it and got the 360 version. I'm glad I didn't wait.

    I forgot this game existed.

    Is there actually any point getting this now? with BC2, MoH, BC2 Vietnam expansion, and Black Ops, this will sell incredibly poorly. So unless they are actually doing an update with more maps, or offering it free, i wouldnt count on EA releasing this

    Sheesh Luke... come to the dark side... pick up a real man's controller and put the mouse down.

    they only made bf1943 for consoles because most of them haven't even played bf1942 on PC. Which is a better game. bf1943 is basically a dumbed down version of bf1942 with less than half a dozen maps. I completely forgot about this because it seemed so shit and the fact that it only covers the Pacific maps. Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 remain the two best entries in the series. Believe me, Ive got the 360 copy and yes, for a guy who's been playing battlefield games since BF1942 came out, bf1943 is shit.

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