Which Consoles Do American Kids Want To Buy This Week (And Beyond)?

Reseach firm Nielsen has hit the streets and found out what American kids are after this holiday season (and the few months beyond). Unsurprisingly, video game hardware is high on the list.

Asked which "big ticket" (so, expensive) pieces of electronics kids aged both under and over 13 were looking at buying, consoles and peripherals from all three platform holders rank highly, coming in behind only TV sets and stuff from Apple.

For those aged 6-12, Nintendo handhelds and the PlayStation 3 ranked highly, while for those 13 and over, it's the Wii and PS3 doing well, with both the Xbox 360 and Kinect lagging behind. Interesting seeing the Wii feature so strongly in light of a sales decline...goes to show that parents and adult purchasers are the big players in the games market now, not kids.

Note that the data pertains to stuff these kids want to buy themselves, not what they want for Christmas, so it's probably more relevant to this week's Black Friday sales than it is to fanciful holiday wish lists.

Kids in the U.S. Eyeing Big-Ticket Tech This Holiday Season [Nielsen]


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