While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was a well-received romantic comedy starring the luminous Sandra Bullock and the irrepressible Bill Pullman.

It’s also the name of a regular section here at Kotaku, where we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

Things seemed to get a little frisky overnight, because the first thing I walked head first into this morning was this - an ungodly porn remake of Tron. And yes... it's called Pron. Could it really have been called anything else?

And then this happened. A super 'classy' cosplay featuring Morrigan from Darkstalkers. Ooh! Matron!

On a slightly stupider note - some guy spent over $335,000US on virtual property.

On a kinda weird, funny note, Nintendo hasactually registered a trademark application on the phrase 'it's on like Donkey Kong;.

And finally, if you feel like getting tucked into a hearty good read may I recommend this: a well written insight into the gamification of games!

In Short It's Kinda Like Tron But Everyone Gets Totally Naked Darkstalkers Cosplay Has Never Been Sexier Someone Spent $335,000 On Virtual Real Estate It's On Like A Trademark Application For It's On Like Donkey Kong Can't Play Won't Play


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