Why The Hell Does The PS3 Need Another Movie Service?

In North America, the PlayStation 3 currently plays host to Netflix, Hulu and Sony's own Video Marketplace. Now, Sony has decided to offer another video delivery service, bringing VUDU to American PS3s.

VUDU is a video marketplace that lets PS3 owners rent or purchase movies by streaming them. And while it may seem farcical to have a fourth video store on the one console, it does make some sense, as VUDU does something none of the existing stores do.

See, Netflix lets you stream movies, but you need a subscription. Hulu only does TV shows. The PlayStation Video Marketplace lets you make individual purchases, but they have to be downloaded to your console first. So VUDU fills that gap between the existing stores, letting users stream movies (that can be in HD and 5.1 surround sound) but not tying them to a subscription fee.

Rentals start at $US2, but a recent HD movie looks like it'll set you back $US4-6. As an incentive, those signing up for a VUDU account will get a $US6 credit. Even if you never use the service again, a free movie is a pretty good deal.

Before you even ask, yes, this is a US-only deal. Sorry Canada, Europe, Australia and anyone else reading this from anywhere else!


    You mean PS3 can't yet do something 360 can? They've been streaming 1080p movies for a while now...

    More options for content are always good. Makes it more likely prices will be competitive.

    A lot of people here are on broadband plans with pitiful ISP bandwidth quotas. Means you have to upgrade your monthly broadband spend to watch much video this way.

    The problem I see is that Sony constantly sees the PS3 as a media device first then a game console.

    Granted there are good games on it (Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Folklore to name a few) it is primarily low cost BluRay player first.

    It would be nice if Sony stopped this nonsense and started focusing on the game element. Bringing back PS2 compatibility would be an excellent start.

      2008 called & wants its comments back.

      Seriously? Since the slim came out the PS3 has been churning out good games. Also, there are low cost BluRay players everywhere now, it's no longer the big selling point it was at launch - just an extra.

        "2008 called & wants its comments back.

        Seriously? Since the slim came out the PS3 has been churning out good games"

        To say some things never change is an understatement with the PS3. So my comment still stands.

        And no, the PS3 does not churn out good games, developers churn out good games.

        Furthermore, most of the games that are worth while on a PS3 are often multi-platforms for the 360, PC, Atari 2600, etc, etc.

        See cases in point: BioShock and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

        For a console to stand out, it needs to have excellent exclusives. The Wii has a good number, the 360 has a good number.

        But the PS3, it was marked on future potential with MGS4 and FF 13. Both turned out to be over developed and over priced movies dressed as games.

          Really? I have all 3 consoles because I like choice but this retarded fanboy mentality is pointless.

          There are plenty of decent PS3 exclusives: Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, LBP and God of War III are pretty much system-sellers. Hell, I bought my PS3 to play Uncharted 1 and 2.

          There's also 'fringe' games like FF Versus XIII coming up, Heavy Rain, Valkyria Chronicles, Resistance, Killzone etc for people who might like that type of thing.

          I bought my PS3 latest out of my 3 consoles but to say 'it has no games' is a comment straight from 2008. If anything, the Wii's the one which has the least to offer a serious gamer.

            "retarded fanboy mentality is pointless"

            So, I am to be branded as such for having my own opinion?

            Like you, I too have all three consoles and if I am a fanboy to anything, it is the adventure genre.

            I really must ask, why is it that when one has an opinion, others rise up and try to criticize? What is it about my comment, true as it is especially how Sony still wallows behind the others in exclusives, that immediately gets be branded this tag?

              Because for plenty of players, such as myself, the Playstation exclusives are just as, if not more, attractive to them than the 360 or Wii ones.

              If I were to weigh GT5/Uncharted/LBP/Valkyria vs Halo/Fable/Gears/ etc on the 360, I'd go with the PS3.

              The point is, it's your opinion that the PS3 'lags' behind the others. To you, maybe the PS3 is just a multimedia device, but to others, it's their primary console (which the PS3 is to me right now). As long as contention and debate continues, you cannot brand the PS3 as simply a multimedia console, until it's undeniable to all parties (which it isn't)

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