Why You Still Can't Tell Your Xbox To Shut Down

The future that we see in science fiction promises that we will soon be able to trash our Clappers and start activating our favourite household electronics with our voice. But there are limits today. Blame Earth.

Microsoft's new Kinect audio and visual sensor, when plugged into an Xbox - which is plugged into your TV - will let you play and pause movies with your voice (or with waves of your hands). But it won't let you turn the whole set-up on and off.

Why not?

"To be able to listen all the time for you to turn it on means there [would have to be]some amount of power going to the sensor," Microsoft's head of the Kinect project, Alex Kipman, recently explained to Kotaku. "We wanted to make sure there's no power going when the system's off to be good world citizens ... We want to be green compliant and more green more times."

Because Microsoft wouldn't allow a verbal cue for turning an Xbox on, Kipman explained, it didn't make sense to offer one to turn it off. He believes that offering either would make people expect to be able to do the other.

A happy byproduct of this decision is that Kinect users who are in the middle of watching a great movie or playing a fun game don't have to worry about an annoying little brother or angry parent bursting into the living room and shouting for the Xbox to shut down.

The sad byproduct is that our Star Trek future is still far away.



    I think my wife would abuse the shut down feature at two in the morning.

    "SHUT DOWN!"

    ".....But I hadn't saved... Noooo!"

      lol exactly what I was going to say!

    If they're so green compliant why does an orange light stay on when my xBox is switched off?
    Why do I have to switch it off at the wall?

      That's a good point. Standby power, probably? Presumably it would take even *more* power to keep the Kinect's voice sensors working than it takes currently to keep the Xbox on standby mode.

    Oh man... just got a flash of what the future will be like. Home management systems are already around in new homes- my parent's new house has one (that nobody can figure out how to use, but whatever)- imagine future consoles tying into those, so you COULD tell it to power on your console...

    “We wanted to make sure there’s no power going when the system’s off to be good world citizens … We want to be green compliant and more green more times.”

    Thats funny considering that if I have a wired controller plugged into my 360 and then turn it off it keeps the fans spinning which ONLY turn off if I unplug said controller...Microsoft are full of shit.

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