Will The Bell Ring Before Food Fight?

Enthusiasm for Microsoft's Game Room, to be polite, well, plateaued soon after its debut earlier in the year. It'd be a shame if its 12th update is the last, because hackers say one of the best early-1980s arcade games is due to hit.

That would be Food Fight, which would join the excellent MIA: Missing In Action and the Atari 2600's Warlords in the 13th update, say those who have probed the Game Room files.

That said, Krome, the studio responsible for these ports, is just about dead. Its closure was rumoured about a month ago, with contractors being handed any unfinished business.

As it is, Game Room update No.12 is out, and it includes both Blades of Steel and Pitfall! II. Blades of Steel needs zero introduction. Pitfall! II, aside from continuing the innovation begun by its platforming predecessor, had probably the best music of any pre-1980s crash video game, period. Run go get it, if only to convince Microsoft to hang in there long enough to deliver Food Fight.

Game Room Pack 012 Includes Sunset Riders, Twinbee, Detana TwinBee, Blades Of Steel, Pitfall II And More [GamerBytes]


    Damn - Food Fight was one of my favourite games when I was a little tacker! Really hope this makes the light of day... And Lock'n'Chase on Intellivision :)

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