World Of Warcraft’s Greatest Fan Sings

World Of Warcraft’s Greatest Fan Sings

Witness a musical celebration of the life of Falstad Wildhammer, courtesy of Twenty First Records and the world’s greatest World of Warcraft fan.

What began as the tale of an over-excited, nervous, and extremely observant World of Warcraft fan at BlizzCon 2010 becomes a legendary tale of good triumphing over evil in the inevitable auto-tune remixing of the epic video.

Blizzard creative director Chris Metzen comes off as a vile villain, ready to causally cast Falstad aside. In contrast, Red Shirt Guy’s affirmation of Falstad’s living status becomes a jubilant celebration of this brave dwarven hero, as voices from the heavens converge to joyously proclaim, “No, he’s alive!”


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