Would You Like Some Curry With Your Tales Of Graces?

Tales of Graces, the buggy Wii game, is getting ported to the PS3 and its own curry. This isn't the first time for ToG curry, but the second. Because when people think of curry, they immediately imagine Tales of Graces. No, no they do not.

Starting this December, the Tales of Graces F branded "mabo curry" will go on sale at supermarkets across Japan. This is for a limited time only! "Mabo curry" is a cross between the Sichuan-style tofu dish and Japanese curry. Yum!

The curry will also pop up in the game.

Hopefully, Tales of Graces the curry will not suffer the same fate that Tales of Graces the Wii game suffered - namely, wigging out and going berserk on people. That would not make for an appetising dinner.


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