Would You Like Some HDMI To Go With Your PSP Gaming?

The PSP screen is beautiful, and PSP games look great on it. But let's say you want to play your PSP games in HDMI on a big screen television.

Then you can get this new HDMI UpScaler for the PSP. Sure, this is a bit of snake oil, as while it says the game will play in 720p, it won't be true 720p. Just upscaled.

This means PSP game resolution won't look exactly fantastic on a flat screen at 720p, but still, if you are interested, the PSP Converter is out this month and priced at ¥6980 ($85). It does not include the Hello Kitty speaker.


    It's rather baffling that Sony has yet to make a reverse-Remote Play function.
    Are they that scared of people thinking PSP games will look ugly on an HDTV?

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