Xbox 360 Overheating? You Could Always Try This

Xbox 360 Overheating? You Could Always Try This

The Xbox 360’s famous Red Ring Of Death was usually caused by overheating inside the console. We’ve seen many backyard solutions claiming to fix this, but none as elaborate – or possibly effective – as this.

It may not be easy on the eye, and certainly won’t win any awards for style, but piping a wall-mounted air conditioner directly into the console is about as brutal a cooling solution as you’re going to find.

The new Xbox 360 S models are reportedly a lot more reliable than the older Elite pictured here, which is great news for consumers, but bad news for lovers of DIY Apollo 13 gaming mods.

Red Ring of Breath [FAIL Blog]


  • Wow… just wow..

    That looks HORRIBLE…

    You know, if he wanted to keep his 360 cooler, he could also jut, you know, not have the thing laying down..

    • I read laying it down is better because you block a big airway on the bottom of the console.
      Also it will scratch less disks that way.

      I lay mine horizontally. Never had a problem with either heat or scratches.

      Keep them vents clear!

  • with all the money used for the modding he probably could’ve got a slim. or a kinect bundle! yes, im half joking there…

  • Mine lays down but doesn’t seem to get too hot. I wonder if it has to do with whether you play the game installed or straight from the disk? The few times I have tried to play from the disk have been pretty traumatic affairs…

  • My elite has entere the jumbo jet sound stage of its life where it whirs and howls. I have to install any game I want to play when the kids are in bed.

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