Xbox Indie Games Return To A Place You Can Actually See Them

When Microsoft redesigned the Xbox 360's dashboard, it tucked the console's indie games marketplace away in a spot most casual observers would never find it. After indie devs lit torches and grabbed pitchforks, Microsoft has now moved them back.

Where last week the games were hidden away in the "specialty shops" area of the dashboard, they've now been returned to the main games marketplace, where they used to be found on the old Xbox 360 user interface.

The Xbox 360 indie development community - so quick to get angry at the initial move - has been just as quick to praise Microsoft for the reversal, with "hugs all round" probably the cutest of their proclamations.

Dev victory as Microsoft promotes indie store [Develop] [image]


    It's a pity that Xbox Indie Games is even *more* 'tucked away' for Australians.

    ie: Not available! Due to MS not wanting the hassle of headbutting against our over-protective classificication system.

    Why have this news article on Kotaku Australia when we don't have Indie titles anyway. I'd hoped this meant we'd finally got them, alas - disappointment.

    I agree with Steve0 - maybe we should just not have XBLIG stories on here until such time as Australia is included with the rest of the world

      Yes, whilst waiting to catch up with the rest of the world, I'd hate to actually know what about said world I was missing out on...

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