Xbox Live Indie Clips: Get Your Girlfriend Into Games

Will the Xbox Live Indie game Get Your Girlfriend Into Games actually get your girlfriend to start playing video games? the answer may surprise you! OK, no.

Our weekly look at Xbox Live Indie Games isn't just about highlighting games we like. It's about taking games like Get Your Girlfriend Into Games, you know, games with really compelling names, and showing everyone what makes them tick.

In this case, nothing much. It's a collection of casual-friendly titles utilising bad clip art. If that's enough to get your girlfriend into games, perhaps you chose poorly.

You can see for yourself if you truly wish. Get Your Girlfriend Into Games is available now in the Xbox Live Indie Games store for 80 Microsoft points.


    Wow I don't think I've ever seen something more patronizing.

    Maybe the designer has a 5 year old girl friend?

    This is pathetic. Shame on you for even posting it, Kotaku.

    Maybe he lost touch with the demographic after the failed "Get your girlfriend to make you a sandwich" game

    Wow... couldn't even finish watching the video it was so... dull and orange, personally not a colour I want to be staring at for extended periods of time.

    I'd be annoyed if my boyfriend recommended that to me, I'd rather watch him play Aliens vs Predator or do what I'm going to do now; finish Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep :D

    ...Really? This would never EVER have gotten me into gaming! Except perhaps if I was approaching my 76th birthday, and even then I somewhat doubt it.

    Wow. Cheap and insultingly tacky.

    (It'd be an insult to compare it to Leisure Suit Larry, wouldn't it? This is BELOW Laffer. WAY below.)

    My Girlfriend just said all those games are fucking gay she would rather play fallout new vegas.


    i already win

    Well my girlfriend (now wife) wasn't into gaming until i made her sit down and try FEAR (the first one) after I enjoyed it so much. Worked a charm. Now I'm lucky I'm both a PC gamer and have consoles otherwise i'd never play anything. When Dragon age came out I lost my pc for a month.
    Created a monster. On another note we are days away from our first child so we have another gamer to train now!!!


      lol jks man enjoy being a parent

    Boggle nearly got my wife into games, she's still willing to play but eventually he just never wanted to progress any further. So we drag out the DS from time to time when travelling and I think about what could have been.

    Why would you want your girlfriend to game anyway? Girlfriend time is girlfriend time, gaming time is gaming time.

    The two...shouldn't really meet, because one will get spoiled.

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