Xbox Live Indie Clips: Radiangames Fluid

Developer Radiangames returns to Xbox Live Indie Clips with Fluid, a game that melds the gameplay of Pac-Man with the urgency of a timer and the terror that is hordes of jellyfish.

I actually meant to get to Fluid back when it first hit Xbox Live Indie Games, but the timing was such that I was knee-deep in BlizzCon 2010 when the game hit the service. Then I took a week off. And now I'm back, and Fluid is still there, making me devour dots while being pursued by hordes of blood-red jellyfish with chips on their shoulders.

Mmmm, fish n' chips.

Radiangames Fluid is available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft points.


    Mr. Serrels, is there any chance you could block these Xbox Live Indie Clips posts appearing on Australian Kotaku? All they really do is rub in the fact that we don't get the Indie Marketplace here in Australia.

      Seconded. Though, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, there is a link on under browse games to Indie Games. Coming soon MS?

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