Xbox Live's QWERTY Keyboard Gets New Coat Of Paint

Those blue menus of old? They're gone in the fall Xbox Live update. In their place are silvery white menus. Xbox Live's keyboard gets tweaked, too.

"We've taken the existing QWERTY keyboard in-dash and made it easier to use for scenarios that involve repeated text entry," Microsoft's Larry Hryb explains, "when signing up for LIVE within the dashboard for example."

Sent a quick message to Fahey, and I didn't get a chance to really check out the "repeated text entry" yet. The keyboard seemed easier to control with the thumbstick, but that could be because it is easier to read than the previous blue keyboard.

Xbox 360 Dashboard update is now available [Major Nelson]


    They call it a QWERTY keyboard, but it's not QWERTY, it's ABCDEF!

    Why couldn't the offer a toggle for a QWERTY keyboard in this latest update!

      change your language from English to English(QWERTY). you've been able to do that for ages. i've had a QWERTY keyboard for months

        Dude....just stumbledupon this page. You have answered my prayers.

    Cannot adequately express just how much I despise the new dashboard.

    They should take a leaf from Sony's book, especially the chapters relating to elegance and taste.

      Really, I have no problem.

      Don't find any interfaces to contain elegance or grace.

    You know what they NEED to do? Force developers to use the built-in keyboard, not their own stupid crappy ones. I'M LOOKING AT YOU GUITAR HERO. Seriously, why do I have to scroll through every letter like it is 1990 when the 360 HAS A PERFECTLY GOOD KEYBOARD SYSTEM. Or at least make it compatible with my wonderful chatpad ffs.

    I've not really used my 360 since the last beta dash update, have they gotten rid of that annoying plinky noise when you move between 'keys'?

      Ugh, I just loaded the video and got my answer. Who though that was a good idea?

      Probably someone who either never uses the messaging or uses a phyisical keyboard

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