You Can't Blow Things Up With This Black-Ops Toy, But It's Still Fun

I'm not sure at what point my test drive of the Call of Duty: Black Ops remote control truck became an attempt to blow things up, but it was easily within the first ten seconds.

Of course I didn't succeed. The RX-XD add-in that comes with the prestige edition of the game certainly looks like the real thing, but that's not C4 strapped to the top, it's just plastic. But had it been I would have totally added three kills to my stats... well two if you don't count big dogs.


    I'm somewhat disappointed these haven't caused a single bomb scare in a suburb somewhere, needing a bomb squad to be called in to blow it up...

    Oh hey, that's pretty cool. Kinda sad I didn't get the prestige edition now. The buy was a last minute decision and I didn't really research what different editions they had.

    See that is all I would use a radio controlled car for: blowing it up. Though the last attempt was sort of half arsed and it just melted.

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