You Could Own The Worst King Koopa Costume Ever

Super Mario Bros. The Movie may be one of the worst video game film adaptations of all time, but for those who prefer to revel in its awfulness, perhaps this King Koopa costume should be part of your collection.

Movie memorabilia auction house Julien's Live is offering bidders the chance to take home this, one of the battle-damaged King Koopa costumes worn by Dennis Hopper (and his stuntman?) in the silver screen adaptation of Nintendo's NES classic. For somewhere between $US400 to $US600 USD, you could take home the following Hollywood gem.

A charcoal coloured two-piece faux snakeskin distressed costume worn by Dennis Hopper in the production of the motion picture Super Mario Bros. (Allied Filmmakers, 1993). Hopper played the character King Koopa in this live action film version of the Nintendo video game. The top is marked "Stunt" in silver ink, while the pants are marked "Hero". Costume is in fragile condition. Accompanied by a copy of the film. Acquired from Rob Burman, the prosthetic makeup designer on the film.

That's right. "Accompanied by a copy of the film." Now it's not such a bad deal, is it?



    Fargile they say? The costume is torn to shreds :P

      Fragile even. *Facepalm*


    One evil egg-sucking son of a snake, that Koopa.

    I thought that film was great I even own it on dvd.

    The King Koopa is dead :(


    Considering the celebrity who worn it is now recently deceased, I'm surprised such an (in)famous costume is going for a measly $400.

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