You Could Play Bungie's Next Game Before Anyone Else

Bungie wants you to shape its future. It's putting out the call for hundreds of thousands of committed, Halo and Marathon-loving Bungie fans to be a part of its focus testing group, a group that could become beta testers for its unannounced game.

Signing up to be a Bungie beta tester may be the easiest thing you'll do. All you need is a account and the ability to tick the correct checkbox. Bungie says on its official web site that its looking feedback from users that will help the developer to "continue making improvements to our playlists, features and online community".

That could include alpha and beta testing the post-Halo games the developer is making for Activision, as well as usability testing at Bungie, taking surveys on game playing habits and more.

It sounds like a fair deal. We'd say get on it.

Bungie Beta Tester Sign-Up []


    I already had it ticked, even I didnt know that.

    If I win lotto and can retire I'll gladly help.

    New Marathon game... pretty please. :P

      Why? I mean yes I completely agree but again why? If you are desperate for something a little Marathonesk why not just play Halo CE? Course this is an incredibly narrow view from someone who is not a credible source. But still, while I would love to see Mararthon HD, I'd just look at Halo CE and snigger.

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